Workout? Me? What Should I do?


By Lisa Leath Turpin

Hey There Destin Lifers! I’m excited about offering insight on how to get healthy and stay healthy through exercise suggestions, wellness tidbits, and clean eating concepts through recipes and local restaurant choices that are “Trainer Approved.”

One of the questions I’m asked most often is, “I want to start working out, but what’s the best exercise to do?” That’s a good question, but it has no single answer. It needs further discussion and time with each person for accuracy. That’s where my dilemma as a personal trainer comes in, because I like to give people the answer that fits them personally. So, the short answer is the exercise that you will do most consistently.

Consistency and frequency in exercise are the most important considerations to begin with. No matter what you choose to do, if you don’t do it frequently enough, you will not receive the full benefit from it. Ask yourself, “How many days and how much time per day do I have to devote to exercise or movement?” Then begin gradually. Don’t do too much too soon. Keep in mind these important words, this should become a lifestyle! Once you are truly serious about exercising, choose a realistic time that you can stay consistent.

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) suggests a MINIMUM of 150 minutes/week, emphasize MINIMUM, per ACSM guidelines released June 2018. If you can devote more, do so. Those 150+ minutes can be separated out to fit your individual needs. Some days you have more time than others. That’s okay; you could have one long day and a few short days, or slice it and dice it any way you can.

Once you’ve established your best times and days, then decide what TYPE of exercise you want, will or should do. Ask yourself, “What am I trying to accomplish?” This is almost as individual as your fingerprint. For most, the common answer is to be healthy and fit.
There are four basic categories of exercise. Each category or type of exercise has different physical outcomes and benefits: Endurance/Cardiovascular/Aerobic; Strength; Balance and Flexibility. MIX IT UP! Choose a variety of exercise, such as Cross Training, still one of the best fitness methods.

The ACSM recommends the following: A minimum of 150 minutes of cardiorespiratory exercise, as mentioned earlier; 2 to 3 days of muscle training on each major muscle group, varying your exercises and equipment; 2 or 3 days of flexibility exercises; 2 or 3 days of neuromotor exercise (sometimes called “functional fitness training”).

Some types of exercise fit into more than one category. For example, many endurance activities also build strength. Strength exercises also help improve balance. Performing multi-functional exercises can help you get the optimal benefits with any routine, but especially a routine for people with limited time to devote to working out.
Remember to set short-term goals, especially in the beginning. Goals offer faster satisfaction and keep you more motivated than just saying you want to be fit and healthy (long-term goal). Since 50% of most people drop out within 6 months, setting goals can be a real game changer. For example, you could set your sights on training for a 5K or Mud Run.

Reach out to me with your questions or come workout with me. I’m passionate and devoted to getting more people moving and finding that balance between life, work, parenting, school and, yes, socializing. Be Active, Stay Active!

Yours in Health, Lisa Leath Turpin, BS. Fitness & Wellness Coach.