What Are You Waiting For?


Fitness Lisa TurpinBy Lisa Turpin, Health & Wellness Coach

Practically since 2020 hit, we have been inundated with obstacles that waylay our “good health” resolutions. A few diligent people have not skipped a beat in their health & fitness routines. And some are just now slowly starting back. But after speaking with some and receiving messages, there is a large majority who are allowing circumstances to roadblock their path to being healthy.

It is so important to exercise our minds and bodies with everything that is going on in the nation right now. Exercise is a positive way to channel energy and decrease stress hormones that break down your immune system, arteries and mind.

Question: Is there any amount of encouragement I can give to get YOU to start moving? Don’t over think it. Start with the basics. Many of you refer back to “training days” that your coaches used to make you do in high school. The thought of picking that back up scares the bejeebies out of you. Drop that idea and at least start walking. WE LIVE IN DESTIN…Home of the best walking ever! The beach is excellent because the terrain varies. Walking in our soft white sand will build great strength in the thighs, buttocks and calves. It will be more intense, so your heart rate will rise to train your cardiovascular system, also making you burn up to 200 more calories than walking on the flat street or track. The salt air and beautiful scenery will clear your mind and build your spirit.

If you are ready for strength training, the benefits are endless! When starting a weight training regime there are some do’s and don’ts. Full body workouts with compound movements are the best bang for your buck when general fitness is your goal. Your major muscle groups are your legs, back and chest. You will want to complete exercises targeting these three muscle groups first before moving on to the minor muscle groups such as arms and shoulders. These major muscle groups use the most energy, thus another reason to tackle them early when you are fresh. You can pretty much intertwine your leg work through your whole routine, especially when you want to increase heart rate and calorie expenditure, but also give your upper body parts a momentary rest. But you definitely want to finish your back and chest work before you perform your arms and shoulder work.
This is because you have to utilize your arms and shoulders to get to your chest or back.
Chest gets help from the triceps and front deltoids, and back gets help from the biceps and rear deltoids. So, it can be detrimental to the joints of the arms to wear out the biceps triceps and shoulders first, and then ask them to assist the bigger muscles of the chest and back while they are already fatigued. Follow these guidelines and you will stay safe. I encourage you to send me a message or call if you would like more guidance on your fitness and health goals. A personal trainer can help you be consistent and motivate you to reach your goals safely.

Lisa Turpin is a degreed and certified health and fitness lifestyle coach who has devoted her life to motivating and strengthening the body and minds of others. With over 20 years’ experience as a group exercise leader, currently at Destin Health & Fitness and an independent personal trainer in the Destin area, she is diverse and extensively trained in classical and modern Pilates, lifestyle management, personal training, group exercise and post-rehabilitation. She is currently taking on new clients/participants; text only to 850-974-2005 or message from her Facebook Page.