Unexpected Gifts


By Courtney Lindberg, ArborBrook Financial Wellness
We are in a very unique time right now, perhaps “such a time.”

In our own business personal lives and, as we know well, some of yours too, we continue to face great challenges. To make the challenges even greater, we find ourselves distracted by what seems an ever-changing legal and regulatory landscape. How can we climb the mountain when the very ground beneath our feet seems to shake, to the point where it is enough just to keep standing (let alone respond to the great changes in the labor market, supply chains, mandates, etc.)?

What now lies before us, whether we have sought it or not, is change. Much change. And I am reminded that when we have faced times of transition ourselves, or with our clients, the first place we consistently find ourselves being led is to Vision, to Purpose.

If we know our Heavenly Father, and who we are in Him, and certainly I hope that for all of us, then we know our identities in Him never change. We are always going to be His children, but our purposes may change from time to time. To put it another way, the fact that we love someone might never change. It is a constant. But the way in which we express that love will change from season to season or from day to day, for that matter.

Transition is nothing new though. The seasons continue to change and we have now entered ours, of generosity and celebration, of a long-awaited change. For thousands of years the Hebrews awaited their rescuer, many expecting this hero to come on horseback, leading a vast army, to overcome their oppressors by force. What came instead was a vulnerable, naked child.

How could something so small and so weak deliver us, save us? And for those wise men who knew what was happening, who witnessed the birth of the Savior, how many years did they have to wait – after his birth – to see him do what he was born for?

What do we do in the face of change when we don’t know what exactly that change will be? What do we do as we wait for it?

Our encouragement to you is to seek the One who designed you, created you for such purposes and for such a time as this. If change is upon you, it is not a surprise to Him and He has the strategies and vision for you to overcome. Let us remember that our value, our peace and our joy are rooted in our identities, created by our Heavenly Father, way more than they are about our purposes.

God cares more about the dreamer, than He does the dream.

We serve for His honor and we will serve you if we can. Merry Christmas from our families to yours. Godspeed to the New Year upon us and may God bless us all.