Trends & Treasures April 2021


It’s officially, wonderfully Spring at
CRYO850 Performance and Recovery Center!
What better way to celebrate the newness of the season than rejuvenating with amazing, full-service, line-ups of advanced, drug-free options for self-care? You’ll feel amazing after experiencing Nitrogen-free, whole-body Cryotherapy, whether it’s aching joints, inflamed muscles or an extra inch or two around the waist. The cold exposure reduces acute and chronic pain, expedites post workout and/or surgical recovery, and provides metabolic boost, increased focus and mental clarity. Red Light Therapy aids healing both on the surface and at the cellular level. And now there’s the new Mito Red Light Therapy system, the next generation red light therapy with THREE wavelengths of light. Three panels on three walls offer full-body exposure. CRYO850’s Near Infrared Lighting boosts ATP (energy) and balances hormones. NormaTec® Compression, a favorite among professional training facilities, mimics the body’s natural circulation patterns to increase blood flow and soothe fatigued limbs. For aesthetic touches, try the Pagani® Italian Body Contouring for fat and cellulite reduction and skin rejuvenation. Whether you’re a dancer, an athlete, a mom or dad, a student, a business person, whoever—you can benefit from an improved immune system, metabolism boost, better sleep, reinforcement of cognitive abilities, inflammation and pain management, improved athletic performance and anti-aging.
(850) 279-4145

Cupcakes Call for Color! Sweet!
Smallcakes Destin
USA TODAY listed Smallcakes as one of the “Top Ten Cupcake Places to Try” in the country! And we’re just lucky to have one right here in Destin! Smallcakes at City Market not only creates award-winning cupcakes that wow judges and find their way to celebrities, it’s like spring cupcake heaven on earth with flavorful frostings and a variety of new cupcake flavors for April! Many will take you to memories of childhood such as the Orange Creamsicle—a reminder of the pastel ice cream truck with its music tinkering, rolling through the neighborhood and all the kids running to get money to buy the Dreamsicle! And there’s specials weekly:
• Monday: $30 dozen cupcakes
• Tuesday: Buy 3 get 1 FREE
• Wednesday: Happy Hour 2 for $5 (3-6 p.m.)
• Wednesday: Happy Hour 2 for $5 (3-6 p.m.)
Or fit your flavor fancy, and request a custom order for, well, just about anything you can think of! Personalize with custom edible logos and images on treats baked fresh daily with up to 18 signature flavors. There’s even large cakes, cupcakes in a jar and gluten-free options!
(850) 460-7487

Spring Beautiful! Spring Feel!
Pure & Couture Salon
Warm up your color for warmer weather! When you walk out of a salon, your hair says it all! Sashaying out with a blonde sparkle, brunette curls or a gorgeous blonde blend + extensions will give you gorgeous texture for the outdoors this spring! Like magic, Pure & Couture’s hand-tied hair extensions are a game changer for anyone, adding thickness and volume–a BIG answer for hair struggles! Add styling, makeup, color, a pampering facial, kinesiology or even a therapeutic massage and you will adore your mighty spring makeover—you are spring beautiful with a spring vibe! Pure and Couture Salon’s team of stylists listen to what YOU want your hair to look and feel like and work with your skin tone, face shape, lifestyle and budget. Then show you how to maintain it with the best products. And the talented team also holds certifications in oncology, pregnancy, sports and medical massage with a mission to provide quality care, resolve specific conditions and assist in improving quality of life for men and women of all ages. You were made to do beautiful things! Feel beautiful doing them this spring!
(850) 424-3935

The “WRITE” Stuff!
Frill Seekers Gifts and Personalized Fabulous Finds
To send or not to send. That is the question. SEND! Your Facebook “friends” might know what you’ve been up to this year. But, those who really care about you might not, particularly your more mature family and friends who didn’t grow up with social media. They would prefer and appreciate knowing that you cared enough to send a note, word of encouragement and love, or letter on beautiful, customized stationery, personal to you. You might be surprised to discover, that among the most cherished and things saved are cards and letters you took the time to write and send. While we tend to focus on the benefits to those who receive them, possibly the greatest benefit is to you, the sender. Spending time sharing a note or greeting with those you hold dear is a priceless gift. Frill Seekers Gifts will help you design and create beautiful stationery to match your style, look, feel and budget—an art in itself. Schedule a private appointment or stop by to review the incredible selection of 2021 custom, personalized stationery good for the soul! Voted “Best Gift Shop in Destin,” take a shop tour with co-founder Heidi LoCicero to see what other personalized “trends and treasures” you can find at! If it’s personalized, it’s from Frill Seekers!
(850) 460-2700

A New Season, A Healthier You!
Healthy Coast Meals
Spring into a healthier you this season. Your healthy coast meal is already ready and waiting for you—easy breezy. And will give you more time with your family and friends instead of cooking! Your Grab-N-Go location at City Market is open and stocked with staple meals, specials, breakfast items, gluten-free meals and protein doughnuts! Stock up on nutritious meals ready to eat in just two minutes! Healthy Coast Meals are made with all-natural, whole ingredients. All meals are prepared in a licensed commercial kitchen and sold fully cooked. All you have to do is heat and eat! Eliminate the inconvenience and stress of planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning. Select weekly “Healthy Gourmet” specials or the eight popular staple meals! Or select one of the packages and Healthy Coast will choose for you! Your meals are made fresh to order with clean, healthy ingredients. So, you know exactly what you’re eating, whether you’re trying to maintain your existing health, lose weight, build muscle or get fit. Clean eating is simple! Simple is fun, fantastic and healthy with Healthy Coast Meals!