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The Gift of an Experience. A Look of Luxury!
Bijoux De Mer
Bijoux De Mer, meaning “jewels of the sea” in French, is a fitting name for this artistic, non-traditional, fine jewelry with a fashion forward edge — everything from customer couture pieces done in 18k gold, diamonds and other precious gemstones, to funky baroque pearl fine jewelry, and fashionable gift pieces! Pearls, Tourmalines, exotic gemstones, 18K gold, precious metals, blackened silver and more, all exquisitely hand-crafted by artistic jewelry designer, Renee Launiere, who passionately pushes the boundaries of conventional jewelry design. Who doesn’t love pearls and jewels set in gorgeous pieces created by talented hands? Available in fine jewelry stores, nationwide and internationally, even on luxury cruise lines, Renee’s designs are popular with celebrities and featured in runway shows. You have the opportunity to give that special someone the experience of working directly with Renee on a perfect custom piece this holiday season. Work exclusively with Renee by booking a private appointment to custom create your own combo with leathers, stones and pearls in all colors and sizes. Renee is also booking events and design consultations. Nominated for Best in Destin, be sure to vote in November for Bijoux de Mer in jewelry and women’s accessories. At Bijoux de Mer, a one-on-one experience is waiting!
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Red Light for Your Inner Glow
CRYO850 Performance and Recovery Center
What makes the color red so special in Red Light Therapy? It’s the light spectrum that actually penetrates the tissue down into the cellular level. CRYO850’s Joovv whole body red light room provides a combination of the red spectrum and the near infrared spectrum. The bright red lights provide topical healing, boost collagen and elastin, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, help clear acne, rosacea, skin pigmentation issues and psoriasis. The red also counteracts all of the junk blue light from cell phones and computers. The near infrared light is where the real magic happens. This higher nanometer of red light actually penetrates through the tissue to the mitochondria. The process releases ATP energy, breaks apart triglycerides to release fatty acids into the bloodstream, helps eliminate excess nitric oxide and provides a long list of benefits to brain health and disease prevention. Recent studies even show progress in the reversal of memory issues associated with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Ten minutes a day with red light exposure can make all the difference in the world for whole body health! Stop by! “We’ll leave the light on for ya!” See the coupon section for half off a consultation during the month of November.
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Fall “Purely” in Love!
Pure & Couture Salon
With the holiday season, that is. And Pure & Couture owner Adrianne Bracket and her talented team of experts will make sure you’re beautiful or handsome for the holidays! Amazing what extensions + a great stylist can transform your look! For all the fall vibes, a Brazilian blowout can take all your frizz away and leave it sleek and sexy. Add a bit of color (a healthy, vibrant red is superb for the season) styling, makeup, a pampering facial or even a therapeutic massage and anyone on your list can experience a mighty makeover. Plan ahead to give a gift this Christmas of medical massage or kinesiology in addition to hair care flair. And, don’t forget your gift cards, shampoo, conditioner and other beauty staples, curbside pick-ups and online ordering, too! Adrienne says she is thankful for her talented team of professionals that hold certifications in oncology, pregnancy, sports and medical massage, with a mission to provide quality care, resolve specific conditions and assist in improving quality of life for men and women of all ages. “And, despite the challenges of this year, we are thankful for our clients, friends and family for your support through the craziness!”
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Christmas Cards are a Must for 2020 !
Frill Seekers Gifts and Personalized Fabulous Finds
To send or not to send. That is the question. SEND! 2020 dealt us quite a hand and since we’re not regularly seeing family and friends, you simply must send “glad tidings” and “good cheer” to friends and family so dear. You might think your Facebook “friends” know what you’ve been up to this year. But not everyone spends time here. Not all those updates and beautifully worded posts will reach those who care about you. Particularly the older generation, who grew up with no social media and don’t care to figure it out now, would appreciate knowing that you cared enough to send a card and letter.

You might be surprised to discover when an elderly relative dies, among the things saved and cherished were cards and letters you took the time to send. While we tend to focus on the benefits to those who receive them, possibly the greatest benefit is to you, the sender. Spending time sharing a greeting with those you hold dear is a priceless gift. Frill Seekers Gifts will help you design and create a beautiful card to match your style, look, feel and budget. Schedule a private appointment or stop by to review the selection of 2020 Thanksgiving and Holiday cards. After all, it is good for the soul! If it’s personalized…it’s from Frill Seekers!
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It’s Turkey Time!
Healthy Coast Meals
Stock up on delicious gluten-free meals and give the gift of simplicity and health, too! Nutritious meals are ready to eat in just two minutes! Clean eating is now simple! Healthy Coast Meals are made with all-natural, whole ingredients. All meals are prepared in a licensed commercial kitchen and sold fully cooked. So, all you have to do is heat and eat! Eliminate the inconvenience and stress of planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning. Select individual meals from the weekly menu which includes “Healthy Gourmet” specials and the eight popular staple meals! No time to choose? Select one of the packages and Healthy Coast will choose a variety of healthy meals for you! Your meals are made fresh to order with clean, healthy ingredients, so you know exactly what you’re eating! Whether you’re trying to maintain your existing health, lose weight, build muscle or get fit, Healthy Coast has you covered. Want simplicity for the Thanksgiving season with a healthy choice? Try Turkey Bruschetta Burgers, Turkey Chili Stuffed Potato (Sweet Potato or White Potato) Turkey Meatloaf, Honey-Siracha Turkey Meatballs, Southwest Turkey Burger or Turkey Chili. Healthy food for the holidays never tasted so good!

‘Tis the Season for…Frosting!
Smallcakes Destin: A Cupcakery
You can experience this cupcake heaven on earth with fanciful, flavorful frostings and a variety of cupcake flavors to suit every taste! Let Smallcakes do your baking this holiday season—ALL cakes can be customized in all flavors and varieties—cupcakes, cookie cakes, “mini” or “mighty” cakes, brownies, cupcakes-in-a-jar, birthday and wedding cake heaven on earth! There’s even gender reveal cakes, a hot new trend! Choose from an array of fanciful frostings and a variety of cupcake flavors! For your special events, desserts and “wowing” family and friends, make it personal with custom edible logos and images to go on these amazingly tasty treats—large ones or small cakes. The buzz is all about cookie butter, salted caramel, pumpkin s’mores, rocky road, 13 signature flavors, gluten free cupcakes and pecan pie cupcake—moist, delish and delightful. Order gourmet cupcakes, custom cakes and tempting treats as seen on the Food Network and Cupcake Wars. You get them baked fresh, with up to 18 flavors to choose from, daily. Perfect for holiday parties, office or family gatherings and Christmas events! But don’t hesitate to get one during the party, for they will be all gone! Call ahead for pre-orders or curbside pickup!
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