These 3 Things: An Interview with Jerry the Financial Planner


Thanks for your time Jerry. Please tell our readers what is you do, exactly.

Jerry: I do retirement planning for people preparing for retirement, and for people that are already retired.

What do you think would surprise or enlighten people?

Jerry: My advice for some people is “You need to figure out how to spend more or give more away.” That’s always an interesting conversation. Many have more than they need, but they are afraid to spend it. Others are still working into their 70s because they did not prepare soon enough. These people feel the worldly pressure of “Why aren’t you retired?” Some feel embarrassed, ashamed or feel they have somehow failed.

Yeah, that’s understandable. Comparison is the thief of joy.

Jerry: I say, don’t allow the world to define your happiness. Happiness in your later years is not dependent on if you are working, or not working. By the way, does the Apostle Paul talk about retirement in the Bible?

Not that I can recall.

Jerry: You’re right, retirement is not mentioned in the Bible. Happiness in retirement has more to do with where you are, living where you want to, who you are close to, being around or close by the people that are important to you. Are you able to do the things you enjoy doing, can you fish, play golf, create art, etc.?

Makes sense, but it’s easy to lose sight when the numbers aren’t where you think they should be or where others say they should be.

Jerry: Generally, people that have the resources to do these three things are happy during the later years of their life, even if they still work to make it happen. Don’t let your neighbors, friends or family define your happiness. Live your life to the fullest the way God intended!

Wise words, Jerry. Thanks for your time.