studio6twenty5 2022 Schedule


Registration is now open for 2022 classical ballet classes, ages 2-5 years old. Classes began Tuesday, January 4th.

Registration: 2-8 years
10:45-11:15am: Pre Primary A (2-3 years)
11:30-12:00pm: Pre Primary B (3-4 years)
9:30-10:00am: Pre Primary A (2-3 years)
10:10-10:40am: Pre Primary B (3-4 years)
10:50-11:40am: Pre Primary C (4-5 years)
11:50-12:30pm: Primary Ballet (5-8 years)

Pre-Primary Ballet and Primary Ballet creative dance classes are part of the classical curriculum for the youngest dancers, instilling foundational elements of movement through creative experience, expression and play. Both boys and girls are highly encouraged. Classes occur once a week on either Tuesday or Saturday. All levels are instructed by Rachel Prescott.

Visit website for additional level and adult classes, or to register online: Please email any questions to

studio6twenty5, 625 Harbor Blvd. (Upstairs).