Spotlight: Healing at the Speed of Light with “Light Therapy”


~Andrea Moody

I am very excited to shine the light on Light Therapy! I recently experienced an inflamed lymph node that was wreaking havoc on my daily life for over 2 years. Visits to the doctor’s office, various radiation exposing tests, blood work twice, cleansings, changes of diet…on & on. Nothing brought any relief.

I finally discovered that heat packs would start to relieve the pressure and shrink the swelling. Remembering my journey with a Chiropractor using infrared light therapy to quicken the healing process, I decided to see what was on the market that might penetrate deeper. I found a cheap $22 infrared wand on Amazon and ordered it. Incredibly, that light worked after only 2 days of treating the area for 10 minutes 3 times a day!

With that experience behind me, I began to look into the new Neutrogena light mask for my daughters. Using the light as prescribed, after 30 days, I saw great results. The more I look into this amazing technology — developed by NASA for astronauts in space travel — the more I hear amazing stories about various uses producing healing of even obesity (which leads to a number of health problems) and cancer.

On the Emerald Coast, these therapies are available to you. Start checking with your chiropractor, a community of health care providers at the forefront of searching for medical alternatives to surgery and drugs.

Locally, Dr. Edwin Berry, D.C., VCP, a transplant from the Boston area, practices Laser Light Therapy using the Erchonia Base Station. Cold Low Level Therapy can treat all types of muscle strains/sprains, aid in post surgical healing, and address a range of musculoskeletal injuries.

Berry explains, “The Erchonia emits 45 billion healing light particles (photons) travelling at 186,000 miles per second, and upon contact with the body these light particles rapidly diverge, which enhances the energy of the cells allowing for regeneration and reproduction of new healthy cells.”  Dr. Berry believes this laser light technology will revolutionize future health care much like chiropractic care did in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Don’t ignore this wonderful new healing option!

For more information visit or call Dr. Edwin Berry at 508-868-6161.