Local Author Bookshelf: Holiday Edition


sean dietrich w dogAlthough COVID-19 has made Christmas seemingly the worst holiday ever, somehow it also made it more important. In The Absolute Worst Christmas of All Time, Sean Dietrich shares anecdotes from his beloved homeland (our area and South Alabama), essays taken from his column and blog over the past 7 years, in this 255-page book, delivering Christmas stories guaranteed to make your heart grow three sizes!

Longtime local and Destin favorite Sean Dietrich (sometimes better known as “Sean of the South”) is a traveling storyteller, podcaster, and Southern living writer known for his daily column filled with stories of steel workers, church potlucks, and trusty bloodhounds, which always give his readers a reason to believe there is good in the world—despite what they may have experienced to the contrary.

As a child he liked to write. He filled up notebooks with tales of the high-seas, shameless vixens, and steamy scenarios combining both of the aforementioned. His 5th-grade teacher found one of his notebooks and scanned through it. “She told me I wrote with too many commas,” says Sean, “and encouraged me to pursue a career in construction work. That, old, woman, never, liked, me.”

Today, Sean is a columnist, novelist and podcast host known for his commentary on life in the American South. Long-time readers are well familiar with Sean’s monthly column in Destin Life. His work has also appeared in Newsweek, Southern Living, Garden and Gun, The Tallahassee Democrat, Good Grit, South Magazine, Alabama Living, the Birmingham News, Thom Magazine, The Mobile Press Register, and he has authored 10 books, and is the creator of the Sean of the South Podcast.

“Hopefully, these stories will give you a good feeling during this crummy year, and maybe even a brief escape from the headlines of our troubled world,” says Sean, his way of saying Merry Christmas. Published this past November 24th, you can purchase The Absolute Worst Christmas of All Time on Amazon for $5.99 (Kindle version) and $14.99 (paperback edition).

You can visit Sean at SeanDietrich.com, Facebook: @seanofthesouth, Instagram: @seanofthesouth, Twitter: @seanofthesouth1, Show/Podcast: www.SeanoftheSouthShow.com.

Dave HollandAuthor, pastor and minister Dave Holland has just released two new books for the holidays perfect for gift-giving or your own daily reading!

Christmas Jesus contains heart-warming stories illustrating the birth of Christ and solidly based on the scriptures, which will stir your heart and ignite your faith. It gathers spiritual life and feeds the Gospel of Luke to you in daily devotions that are funny yet probing – tough yet laced with grace.

Luke obviously interviewed Mary extensively to give us this intimate rendering of King Jesus’ birth. Jesus came to bring peace on Earth and goodwill toward men. Why have we settled for less? Christmas Jesus guides you out of the minefield of opinions, and instead inspires real-life – exciting life – abundant life in your soul. Far from the musty books of theology and raging arguments of denominations this book goes straight to the life of Christ.

God has seven gifts for you this year that will prepare you for the birth of His Son. Glow in spiritual glory this Christmas as Jesus is born anew in your heart. This is your Happy Birthday Jesus book this year!

Extraordinary Jesus: Ignite Your Season of Miracles, based on the Luke’s Gospel, is 40-day devotional which will lead you on a journey in the footsteps of Jesus.

Do you hunger to know the real Jesus? Are you ready to meet Jesus without all the theological and religious doctrinal disputes? If you answered “yes” then “Extraordinary Jesus” is for you. This guidebook will take you by the hand to travel the roads of Israel with Christ. Track the healings, miracles, and teachings of Christ. Unlock the Gospel of Luke with explanations and stories that help you relate to Jesus. Empower your faith with a short prayer with each devotion. Grow deeper each day with these 15-minute devotions.

Through Luke’s illustrations, the height of Christ’s miracle-working period comes to life as the Lord heals the sick, raises the dead and delivers the oppressed. These remarkable displays of God’s power will boost your faith and ignite your heart with passion.

Author and retired military officer Rich Adams says, “Dave Holland candidly, and at the expense of himself, takes us on a 40-day journey through the Gospel of Luke, Chapters 5-9. On this journey, we come to know Jesus more intimately through his teachings, miracles, and examples en route to the cross. More than a short devotion, each day is a study of up to 1000 words: scripture, interpretation, and prayer (for application).”

Dave Holland ministered and pastored for more than 40 years. He graduated from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary where he earned his master’s degree. Regarded as an authority on the Gospel of Luke, he studied the Word of God for 50 years in his search to know the Son of God. Dave and his wife, Jonie, live in Destin.