Kwench Your Thirst with Healthy Juice


By Lisa Leath Turpin

Looking for ways to boost your health? We all need to consume as many fruits and vegetables as possible. What you feed your body has the ability to boost your energy and metabolism, especially your immune system. Kwench, located in the Destin Winn Dixie shopping center, “juices” or “blends” fruits and vegetables freshly made to order. You can choose from their vast menu or invent your own. Drink choices include: Raw juice = the liquid juice extracted from fruits and/or vegetables yielding any skin or pulp; Blended = smoothies blending fruits and/or veggies keeping all fibrous parts together with a base of coconut, almond milk or water. “Shots” of wheatgrass or turmeric and other vitamin supplements can be added to make “power juices.” Next time you want a treat, try a little healthy indulgence. Kwench has delicious and popular Acai or Pitaya bowls. Nutrient dense Acai and Pitaya fruit are pureed resembling Italian ice or sorbet. The bowls are layered with, but not limited to, this puree, fresh fruit, granola, choice of nut-type butter and honey if desired. Visit and learn all the health benefits of all the fresh choices for yourself.

Owner/operator, Diyan (pronounced Deeyon) has no problem making and mixing anything you want and can also help you decide. “I personally go to Kwench when I feel I need a healthy boost of vegetables or when I’m limited on time,” says Diyan. “Sometimes I want it juiced and sometimes I want it blended. Each has its benefits. When you blend, you get all the pulp and pieces of the veggies which increases your fiber intake. Juicing can yield more vitamins/minerals because it takes a little more product to get enough juice making it more concentrated, but lacks the healthy and essential fiber. Neither are better than the other, just depends on your preference and needs.” Kwench is also a vendor for local honey and NaturBaker products. I encourage you to try Kwench or check out the website, or Instagram: @kwenchdestin. This place is “Trainer Approved!”