Hurricane Recovery Tips: How to Survive the Disaster


By Matthew Vanderford, Claimology

With hurricane season still upon us, the panhandle still recovering from hurricane Sally, and at the time of this article, well underway with named storms bearing the names of mighty Grecians of the ancient past–or at least we can imagine they were mighty. Then again, I’m not so sure there’s a story about a Greek god Delta.

In light of this very active season while in the midst of the reality that many in our communities have been already affected by a named system, and with another one looming in the Gulf, clearer minds prevail when planning for an advent rather than reacting to one.

But in the event you got caught with your proverbial pre-planning pants down, not to worry. Hopefully, this article can help get things back up again and you on your way to a better insurance claims outcome.

Rule #1: Take Photos – lots of photos. Can’t stress this enough. The only way to prove that something was damaged and not like it was before is to have photos. Without them, it’s really up for debate. That’s why insurance companies invest heavily in anti-fraud measures. And those measures slow down claims.

Rule #2: Know Your Policy. Most people know they need help understanding their policy. DON’T WAIT FOR A DISASTER to know what you’ve purchased. Knowledge is Queen. ( I omit the king on purpose as men have been running this joint for far too long and look where it’s got us—maybe we should let the girls have a try!). So, KNOWLEDGE is QUEEN. And how do you make yourself royal in knowledge? Ask. Ask someone to give you advice on exactly what you’re covered for. Listen to the stories of your friends, neighbors and colleagues, and then apply it your life. Ask yourself, “If any of those things happened to me, would my policy protect me?”

Rule #3: The Power of Yes. How good does it feel to say yes to something?! Try this with me and say out loud: YES, I want to be treated fairly. YES, I desire respect as a fellow human on this planet. YES, I want to treat others with the same respect and love I want and desire for my own life.

Feel good? Great! Let’s keep going. Say with me: YES, I desire this claim to bring me to the place I need to be. YES, I desire the people handling my claim to care about my well-being. YES, I desire the insurance company to honor the agreement we have and bring me to pre-loss condition.

Rule #4: The Power of k(NO)w. Not knowing what your entitled to receive under a policy and how to present the information necessary to substantiate your request is a major reason why claims are underpaid. You must Know that No is a powerful word, too. By simply saying, No, I don’t accept that answer until I have a better understanding, empowers you to say YES to something else. Making sure you have the most accurate information on what should be covered and what is not. You’d be surprised how many denials get turned around into legitimate claims. There’s an old adage: Knowing is half the battle. But you don’t have to take my word for it.

Here’s to better claims handling skills, a better claim outcome, and most importantly, a better you!

Interesting enough, although I didn’t find a Greek god named Delta, I did find some pretty neat things about the DELTA GAMA Fraternity: Article II of the Delta Gamma Constitution: “The objects of this Fraternity shall be to foster high ideals of friendship among women, to promote their educational and cultural interests, to create in them a true sense of social responsibility, and to develop in them the best qualities of character.”