Health Tech


By Marcia and Drew Robbins.

Marcia is the owner of Fit Your Way and 3 Pillar Health

We live in a wonderful world of technology, making almost every part of our lives easier and more expansive. While technology gives us data…what do we do with that data?  How can we use it to our maximum advantage?  How do we turn information into improvement?

At Fit Your Way, in Santa Rosa Beach, we have spent years evaluating the various technologies available. We have developed a state-of-the-art system we call Fit Your Way Fitness Intelligence Tech System (FITS) which utilizes 3 key technologies.

  1. FYW BodySKULPT:

A beginning point

To understand what you need to improve, you really have to know your starting point.  We start by analyzing each client’s Body Fat and Muscle Quality.  We measure, analyze and create an individualized plan for each client.  This system points out areas that need to be improved and is essential in setting realistic and achievable goals.  This is a completely painless 10-minute test.

Determining Progress

We use the system as a tool to determine client progress, because sometimes the scale lies.  If you are working out and have improved your nutrition, you may gain weight while losing fat.  How is that possible?  Simply put, exercise increases muscle (which is very dense) and proper nutrition reduces fat (which is not dense).  With our system, you see exactly how your fat and muscle change over time.  You might see that while you put on 3 pounds of muscle, you lost 2 pounds of fat.  

FYW Nudge System:

Changing your lifestyle, one step at a time

Experience has taught us that if we do not change our life habits (lifestyle) then we will return to the same result time and time again.  Fit Your Way leads clients to life-long lifestyle changes that they can enjoy and maintain.

We have developed the FYW Nudge App that automatically communicates with other Apps and devices. Our App tracks behavior, while allowing us to follow and coach the client.  If you eat vegetables, just press a button indicating that you had a serving of vegetables.  The same goes for proteins and fats.

The App also has the ability to track medical conditions, such as insulin usage for diabetics.  We customize the trackers so clients can keep track of medications and/or supplements.  

This tracking technology helps you safely and effectively build new healthy life habits. If you have a question or a concern, you can connect with your coach from within the App.

III. FYW Loops Tracking/Coaching System:

The FYW Loops System tracks and analyzes the effectiveness of your activity.  It allows us to tune the workout specifically to each client.  

We have a client who had a heart stent put in prior to joining the program.  After a few weeks, we noticed some strange heart rate results showing up in the FYW Loops System.  Upon our urging, he contacted his cardiologist in Ohio and we sent the cardiologist our client’s last 12 workouts (EKG’s).  The cardiologist advised his patent appropriately from 600 miles away.

How Does It Work?

During exercise, clients wear the FYW Heart Rate Chest Strap which allows real-time feedback of your Workout Zone, Current Heart Rate and Total Calories Burned, which is displayed on the studio monitor.  If clients exercise outside the studio, they can take the FYW Loops System with them on their Smartphone.

At the end of a workout, data loads automatically into our Coaching System for further analysis.

Take Away

Improving your health requires work and sweat!  FITS Technology can allow you to sweat effectively.  To do this, you need to work with qualified professionals and with a system focused on your individual needs, monitoring and coaching you for your best results.

If you would like more information or a demonstration, contact Marcia Robbins at