DHS Receives $1 Million Donation for Athletics


By Kay Phelan

Local businessman and owner of The Tolbert Group, Tripp Tolbert, has made a major donation to Destin High School athletics which will total $1 million. Tripp delivered the first portion of his donation, $250,000 (the first installment, with the rest to be paid out over the next four years), to Destin High School (DHS) in October at a special surprise student assembly held in “The Shark Tank” at the school.

Tripp presented the donation and was able to speak to DHS students to inspire them to work hard, show leadership and give big to their community. He shared how his own journey and children inspired him to find meaningful ways to impact Northwest Florida. “We can’t take this money with us,” he said. “Let’s give back to our community. What better way to do that than to have a Destin High School for our kids, grandkids … to leave a legacy,” Tripp shared. Tripp said he hopes this donation will inspire others to give also and support the growing charter school. Tripp also praised head football coach E.G. Green and his team for the work they are doing for the school and for the community.

Destin’s local, tuition-free, public charter school is in its second year of operation. In addition to offering advanced and state-mandated core curriculum, DHS utilizes a place-based approach to learning that takes advantage of the local geography, industries and community. This allows the school to offer additional curriculum opportunities through authentic, meaningful and engaging personalized learning for its students.

For additional information on registering, donating or volunteering, please call (850) 204-4044, email info@destinhighschool.org or visit www.destinhighschool.org.