By Patricia Lee

This question was posed to the locals only Destinites Facebook group ( Responses were overwhelming, and below are some of the answers received. If you are not on Facebook and have a question you would like to ask this community group, email me (Patricia) at Local opinions are important and can help our community!

What type of business or service is Destin lacking which you would like to see open here?
Many responses were mentioned multiple times or received kudos from other members in the group:
• Trader Joe’s, Costco and Aldi’s.
• Top Golf.
• Drive-In Theater with high tech screen that rolls up into itself in case of bad storms.
• Skating Rink.
• Large indoor concert facility.
• Indoor Youth Basketball and athletic training facility.
• Dave and Busters because we need more rainy-day options.
• Drop-in Daycare facility. Would be especially great for people on vacation.
• Beach Club for locals only.
• Vacation Kids Club like they have on the islands.
• Upscale Nightclub/Piano Bar.
• Tutoring Center.
• Markerspace: Basically it’s a shared space for everything you can think of. They have a wood shop. Metal shop. Graphic design. Robotics. Electronics. Car shop. Pottery. Etc. You pay a membership like a gym membership for use of the facility.
• Submarine Cruises.
• Petting Farm for children with a playground.
• Trolley bus service up and down 98 to help alleviate traffic. Kind of like the Safari service/dollar bus that is in St.Thomas, USVI.
• More car rental businesses. I work in a condominium (tourist) business. We are getting booked more and more this year than in the past.

• Destin land is too expensive for new businesses to build here.
• I don’t want Destin turning into to another Panama City.
As you can see, there were some very good and even unique ideas presented. Hopefully, some entrepreneurs will see these responses and take action!

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