Considering Solar Options?


By Gina Weidie

Have you been considering solar options for your home, but didn’t know where to begin?
Let me help.

Now’s a great time because U.S. solar installation cost decreased by roughly 70% during the past 10 years. In this past year alone, the residential market saw a 5% percent decrease in cost. Solar has now evolved from a cleantech commodity to a sensible home upgrade that many in our community are researching and considering. I believe, having solar panels installed on your roof is one of the smartest decisions you can make.

After all, solar can potentially drastically reduce or even eliminate your electric bills, earn a great return on your investment, protect against rising energy costs, increase your property value, boost U.S. energy independence, create jobs and help our local economy, protect the environment, demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, and, if you’re a local business, increase employee morale and help you stay competitive.

Our area’s weather even makes it a smart choice. According to Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport, for roughly nine months during the year, from September to June, the sky is clear, mostly clear, or partly cloudy 66% of the time, and overcast or mostly cloudy only 34% of the time. That means a lot of sunshine on average!

I represent Solar Done Right and there’s reasons why I recommend it. First, saving costs on your electric bill is not just part of our mission — it’s the reason we exist. We partner with more than 150 brands, companies and lenders to provide the lowest pricing available in the U.S. guaranteed.

Second, our foundation is based on two basic elements: education and transparency. Warranties, performance guarantees and insurance are provided with each of our brands and presented before any decision.

Third, we maintain the utmost quality. Our nationwide network of best-in-class solar partners connects you to the right provider for YOU, handpicked, with strict requirements of proven track record both in excellence and customer reviews.

And fourth, we make the process simple, saving you added costs of gas, tolls and transport time, while saving significant environmental impact by creating a healthy environment to Go Solar, on your own terms, 100% online!

What’s more, we invest ourselves into ensuring you as a homeowner can self-produce renewable energy while turning costly bills into direct profit, tailoring it to what’s right for you.

We know the only way to secure a positive result for you is to learn your exact specific needs and goals. We analyze your past, present and future electric consumption. Then, once we know your specific needs, we tailor your solar project in every aspect, matching you with the best quality to ensure optimal results. We provide maximum savings by ensuring the transparency of every detail of each project with $0 money down. Our unequivocal live communication line provides full support along every step of the process—before, during and after your solar system is installed.

Please feel free to call me, Gina Weidie, with your questions at (985) 317-9583. I want to assist you in any way.