Coastline K9’s New Location Provides Specialized Dog Training


Congratulations to veteran-owned and operated Coastline K9 on its recent grand opening in Fort Walton Beach! With an elite team of prior military, Special Operations and Law Enforcement K9 handlers, Coastline K9 is a business that provides customized training for dogs and world-class protection dogs for family and other needs.

The trainers work with any breed, any age to be obedient. “But we’re not your average protection dog company,” said Byron. “Our leadership team is made up of special operations K9 handlers who have trained and utilized protection dogs in some of the most dangerous and demanding circumstances ever.” He said because of that, the team understands the importance of security and protection in ways that many have never experienced. “These K9’s serve as a personal security guard for you and your loved ones, a loyal companion that can go anywhere with you, and a highly intelligent asset that can adapt and learn new skills,” said Byron. “You can enjoy the life you’ve created for yourself while your protection dog takes on the responsibility of being hyper-vigilant.”

“The dog thing found me,” said Byron. In fact, Byron, a local who grew up in Destin and Pensacola, joined the military in 2001 and served our country as a Special Ops Army Ranger. While serving, he risked his life to protect ours, as do so many others. “That’s why dog training is such a perfect fit,” says Byron. “Anything can happen to anyone, and we train our dogs to handle it. That gives me a lot of satisfaction and also utilizes my experience and knowledge.”

In 2009, he returned home as an instructor and taught a pre-scuba dive course for the Army’s Special Ops Special Forces Combat Dive School on Eglin Air Force Base. Since then, Byron has worked as a contractor, an underwater welder, and in the medical field’s emergency services. “Now, I’ve found another purpose with training these dogs that help so many,” said Byron.

Serving clients throughout the U.S., Byron expanded Coastline K9 to our area. The business originated in Naples where the non-profit RESCUE 22 Foundation 5013{c} was also founded. ‍

“The first step is to evaluate your individual needs to find the right dog and then provide customized training to suit your unique lifestyle,” said Byron. He further stated the majority of K9s are imported from Europe, where the world’s best K9s have been bred for decades. “We hand-select the pedigree for excellent temperament—a balance between being loving, loyal and protective—and security attributes to perfectly suit an owner’s personality, lifestyle and protection requirements.”

Coastline K9 dogs are sourced from its partners in the UK, Holland, Belgium and Ireland. “We rigorously assess all prospects for the qualities and attributes that will perfectly suit your needs,” says Byron. Once approved, training begins. When training is complete, your new companion is transported to you anywhere in the continental U.S. and your trainer will spend 3-4 days with you providing hands-on, specialized training.

The new Fort Walton Beach location, the largest on the East Coast, is a host each month to educational seminars for dog trainers that are open to the public. Along with the daily business, it is also a local Rescue 22 Foundation partner and has become a local law enforcement police dog trainer.

Visit, or give Coastline K9 a call at (850) 428-0121. 819 Navy Street, Fort Walton Beach 32547.