Ask Destinites: Bug-A-Boos and You


By Patricia Lee, Destinites

If you just moved to the Destin area, you may be wondering what is up with all of these bug-a-boos in your home and what the heck is biting you?! Yes, just like that annoying, mooching relative, we do have some unwanted pests down here which include but are not limited to: biting midges (no-See-Ums), red fire ants, mosquitoes, bedbugs, Florida carpenter ants, beach fleas, palmetto bugs and roaches. Locals have a variety of ways to get rid of them which was discussed this month in our locals Destinites Facebook group. Some of these may even give you a little chuckle.

1. “CATS! I’ve got six of them and not a single bug!”
2. “Flamethrowers are underrated!”
3. “After living here for several years, we just name them and pretend they’re pets!”
4. No way to get rid of them–- “just get some anxiety meds” and call pest control.
5. “Just set another place at the table.”

But, seriously folks, here are some other ideas you may find more useful.
1. “Pest control!”
2. “Use roach motels.”
3. “20 Mule Team Borax. Seal areas where they might enter.”
4. “Bengal roach spray.”
5. “No pest control ever. We use drain screens in every drain. Cover the shower drains with a drain cover when not in use and seal cracks and holes around inside pipes.”
6. “You can put a quart-sized jar outside half full of water and they will crawl into it and can’t get out.”

I hope some of these ideas help you get rid of your unwanted guests or at least keep them at bay. If you are a resident in the Destin or close surrounding area, I invite you to join our locals Facebook group at If you are not on social media, I invite you to sign up for our monthly newsletter. You may do so from the homepage of our website at While there, be sure to check out our local business directory with 300-plus local businesses.