Animal Chiropractic Available in Destin!


We all want to be healthy, but we also want our pets to be pain free and vibrant, too. One of the most beneficial ways we can help them could be through animal chiropractic, now available in Destin.

Chiropractic care for animals is one of the fastest growing and most valuable occupations available in animal healthcare today. Veterinary chiropractic, also known as animal chiropractic, is the practice of spinal manipulation or manual therapy for animals. Animal chiropractors specialize in treating the neurological and musculoskeletal systems of animals by performing adjustments to their joints and vertebrae to alleviate pain, restore balance and improve performance. Patients might include not only your pets, but also zoo animals, livestock and race horses.

Animal chiropractic has become a quickly developing field in animal alternative medicine. By working in conjunction with veterinarians, animal chiropractors aid in restoring your pet’s optimal health by treating the whole patient. Animal chiropractic is “NOT” intended to assume the primary health care responsibility of animals or replace veterinary medicine.
Today, more people recognize that loving and caring for their pets extends beyond providing food and shelter. Quality pet healthcare is no longer limited to spaying and immunizations. With the emerging field of animal chiropractic, people are appreciating new ways for their pets to achieve and maintain optimal health. Animal chiropractic offers non-surgical, drug-free options for correcting bone, disc, and soft-tissue disorders related to improper spinal configuration and movement.

Animal chiropractic has been beneficial for performance animals, injured animals, athletes, show animals and family pets. Whether to enhance performance, address injury or illness or simply for preventative care, Animal Chiropractic can make a positive difference in your animal’s life.

In addition to providing expert chiropractic care to her human patients, Dr. Jess Whidden aka the “Animal Cracker” at Emerald Coast Chiropractic is a member and certified by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA). She recently completed the animal chiropractic certification program at Parker University in Dallas, Texas to bring a new aspect of chiropractic care to the Emerald Coast for your animals big and small! These services are provided at the Destin Harbor office for canines and on site for large animals and special situations.