A Pastor’s Ponderings: God in the House


By Pastor David Holland

What would you do if God came to your church? How would you act if He came with all His r and sat in the middle row? Most Christians assume He is there every time they go to church. Indeed, Christ promised He would be with us when two or more people gathered in His name. It just seems that people don’t act like the King of Kings is present.

He is God of very God, Light of very Light. Jesus spoke the worlds into existence. He is the One who wove the solar systems into galaxies, waved His hand, and galaxies spun into space with calculated order and precision. At His word, our Milky Way flows in perfect harmony amidst a universe of ever-expanding dimensions.

The light from stars we see with our naked eye left their origin millennia ago. Traveling at incalculable speed, they cast a moment of splendor upon our existence. God hung those stars in place. He’s coming to your church this Sunday to cast the radiance of His presence into your life.

God is not just a God far away; He is a God nearer than our dearest friend or relative. He knit your frame and body together like a blanket and breathed life into your very flesh and bones. Jesus knows every fiber of your body, every molecule, atom, and the very DNA strands of your cell structure. He knows you right down to the hurts and pains of your history. He is so pleased with the joy you feel and the love that is present in your life. He knows the stress, the emptiness, the regrets, and the sorrows you feel right now. He would like a word with you this week.

I remember a time several years ago when I had been on an extended fast. As worship began on Sunday morning, I immediately felt the warm presence of God. Overwhelmed by the sheer wonder of His attendance, Tears flowed easily as I wept for the joy of freedom that comes with God’s forgiveness. A veil lifted and I could sense the cloud-like presence of God in the room.

As I looked around the sanctuary, expecting other people to sense the same phenomenon, I was disappointed to see that people were unaware of God’s presence. Some looked sleepy, and some seemed bored. I even saw someone look at his watch as if to say, “How much longer before we can go to lunch?”

My mind screamed, “Don’t they know who is here? People, God is in the room!” Sadly, many went home that day ignorant that God had words of comfort, guidance and encouragement for them. They were oblivious to the One that came to church that day.

Two thousand years ago, Christ approached the throne room of God carrying His blood, which He sprinkled on the mercy seat. He reported to the Father, “It is finished, I paid the price of forgiveness, I received all their punishment on the cross, Your justice is forever satisfied.” (Author’s paraphrase)

Then He who judges righteously spoke once again with a thunderclap echoing through the corridors of eternity, “This is My Son sacrificed for the sins of the world. He has redeemed the lost ones.” (Author’s paraphrase)

At that moment, the veil of the temple was rent from top to bottom and a booming invitation to enter God’s presence rang out to all humanity. The way opened so that we would enter and enjoy His presence. Christ sits at the right hand of God clothed in robes of light, but His garment stained red by the blood of sacrifice. He bids us “come.”

The Lord is attending your church this Sunday. Will you come with eyes to see and ears to hear? It’s time to act like God is present, worship Him with urgency and adore him with eyes wide open.

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