2021: The Year Solar Becomes A Total Home Energy Efficiency Driver?


By Gina Weidie

2020 has certainly been a challenging year for all of us, including those in the solar industry. But as we’ve persevered, I see only more growth in residential solar in the coming years. I believe it will shift from homeowners wanting solar only to taking advantage of its ability to support a total home energy solution.

For the past couple of decades, those who’ve purchased solar, are considering it or simply have the information, have associated it with simply putting panels on their roof to reduce their energy bills. And yes, this is a simple, straightforward way to cut down electricity bills and save significant money. I hear first-hand from customers who are pleased at how solar has reduced their energy bill.

But over the next year or so, I expect homeowners to think of solar as part of a total solution, including battery storage, energy efficient upgrades, and charging electric vehicles to encompass a more holistic home energy picture.

Some of the factors driving this shift include solar becoming more affordable and viewed by locals as a safe, environmentally friendly energy alternative. Tesla has also worked to mainstream electric vehicles. According to cleantechnica.com, EV sales are projected to grow 70% in 2021 as new models come to market and both states and utilities offer more incentives. It will make sense for many EV owners to charge their cars with free solar energy produced on their own rooftops.

RenewableEnergyWorld.com says there’s also a shift throughout the U.S. from oil and gas to electric powered heating to meet climate change and clean energy goals. As this shift continues, and electrical load increases, solar is going to play an even bigger role in saving consumers money. Even utilities are encouraging this, offering rebates to customers to make the switch to solar. And now we have a lot more incentive to make whole home energy changes with many states establishing energy goals.

We offer guidance for solutions such as solar installers who can design your solar system and help you decide whether battery storage makes sense for you economically. We help you navigate the economic impact of time of use rates and net metering and help you choose the right size for your home’s needs. For EV owners, we help you balance solar production with EV charging, especially considering that charging times might occur when solar production is low. We help you understand the relationship between your solar production and your energy usage patterns, shifting energy-intensive activities to peak solar times or using a battery to store energy from peak times for use later.

As more of you witness the impact on your utility bills and the ways you can attain energy efficiency and clean energy goals, now is a great time to consider solar options—for those reasons and several others (See article in March 2021 Destin Life (https://mydestinlife.com/nows-a-great-time-to-consider-solar-options).

I work with Powur, the first solar company to offset 100% of the emissions from the manufacturing and installation of a solar system. With a vision to accelerate the adoption of sustainable energy worldwide, we strive to live by our values, and set an example for others to follow. Currently, we are conducting electric bill evaluations. See our coupon on p. 43. Call me, Gina Weidie, with your questions at (985) 317-9583. Put the Sun to Work for You!