Update from the Hormone Restoration Center


By Dr. Richard Chern, M.D.

This month we would like to thank all the Destin Life readers for your amazing support and let you in on all our latest news! We have added some new providers and new therapies!
Susan Griffin, APRN, is one of the region’s premiere bio-identical hormone therapy providers and has been caring for patients in this area for several years. She began providing bio-identical hormone pellet therapy in Crestview over three years ago and has now agreed to join our team and not only provide care in our Miramar Beach and Pensacola offices, but also expand our reach into new areas. Sue’s patients care for her as much as she cares for them and we have already seen patients drive over five hours to see her. Adding her to our team is already making an impact. We are currently offering a $50 DISCOUNT to patients who have seen Sue in the past who choose to get their hormone pellets at our Miramar Beach location.

Susan is also highly experienced with Vaginal Rejuvenation and we are excited to announce we are adding this treatment at all of our clinics. Call 850-837-1271 to get on our schedule!

Guys, not to be left out, we have also added new therapies for Erectile Dysfunction that can help those who have been struggling with little or no response to Viagra and similar medications! Call 850-837-1271 to get on the schedule!

Our next new therapy is Peptide Therapy. Similar to Stem Cells and Exosomes, these therapies are producing miraculous results in areas such as Dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, Repairing Tendon and Bone Injuries, Skin Rejuvenation and more. We are already seeing amazing results with these therapies!

Lastly, we are planning on opening several new clinics in the region and can’t wait to announce their openings over the next couple of months. Stay tuned! You will soon see locations opening near friends or family who will be able to experience the benefits so many readers have already experienced.

If you are interested in ANY of these treatments, please call us today for an appointment at 850-837-1271. Truly amazing things are happening at The Hormone Restoration Center and I am very happy Destin Life readers have been such a big part of our success. Thank you again.
Sincerely, Dr Richard Chern, MD