Trends & Treasures: September 2020


Clean Eating Made Simple, Colorful and Fun! And Convenient!
Healthy Coast Meals
Stock up on delicious gluten free meals each week! Have nutritious meals ready to eat in just two minutes! Clean eating is now simple! Healthy Coast Meals provides gluten-free, healthy meals made with all-natural, whole ingredients. All meals are prepared in a licensed commercial kitchen and sold fully cooked. So, all you have to do is heat and eat! Eliminate the inconvenience and stress of planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning. You can select individual meals from the weekly menu which includes “Healthy Gourmet” specials and the eight popular staple meals! If you don’t have time to choose, you can select one of the packages and Healthy Coast will choose a variety of healthy meals for you! And your meals are made fresh to order with clean, healthy ingredients, so you know exactly what you’re eating! Whether you’re trying to maintain your existing health, lose weight, build muscle or get fit, we’ve got you covered. Healthy Coast strives to make great nutrition accessible and exciting. Eating clean doesn’t have to be boring and bland; they’ve created healthy versions of your favorite dishes for you to enjoy. If you love food like they do, you’ll love these tasty, healthy, nutritious meals. We can’t wait for you to discover clean eating the Healthy Coast Meals way…Healthy food never tasted so good!

Fall’s Long Locks—Fall Purely in Love!
Pure & Couture Salon
Meet the experts in prettied-up ponytails, beautiful braids or an enhanced look with hair extensions to add volume and length! The new invisible beaded extensions solve obstacles encountered previously. “Adjusting your needs and comfort with versatility and styling options from our certified IBE stylists is our focus,” says owner Adrianne Brackett. And, as fun as an ice cream shop, there are an array of colors from which to choose for fall: Bronzed curls, beautiful red tones, chocolate melts, a blonde, beachy bob, even a Caramel swirl. And, there’s so many more! Try the extensions…I did and I love them! Pure & Couture also offers beauty services for weddings, special events, consultations and trial sessions including airbrush makeup, blowouts, lash extensions, spray tanning and hair extensions—everything from cuts and colors, blow outs, trims, highlights, all over color, root touch up and corrective color, the team customizes them just for you! And, don’t forget your gift cards, shampoo, conditioner and other beauty staples, curbside pick-ups and online ordering, too! Fall purely in love!
(850) 424-3935

PAGANI vs. Coolsculpting.
CRYO850 Performance and Recovery Center
While both technologies use extreme cold temperatures to burst subcutaneous fat cells, there are some important key differences:
– No Guess Work. Visual problem areas can stem from fat in an adjoining area. The PAGANI Thermal Imaging Technology identifies the exact locations of sclerotic fat, allowing a personalized treatment plan and progress tracking.
– More Area: The small PAGANI wand allows for focus on multiple problem spots within in a larger section of the body. Coolsculpting is limited to a pre-defined section based on the size of the large rectangular applicator.
– No Shelving: With PAGANI, the application is fluid, transitions of cold exposure are smooth. The Coolsculpting rectangular applicator often results in a “shelf” of fat or loose skin around the area treated.
– No Discomfort: PAGANI is operated by a trained technician with constant communication on your level of comfort with the temperatures. The Coolsculpting applicator is placed on the treated area and requires an extended period of immobility under extreme temperatures.
– Facials: PAGANI technology is also used for Cryo Facials to tighten and brighten skin and smooth fine lines, wrinkles and crepey skin.
– Cost: PAGANI treatments are between $175 and $375 per treatment. Coolsculpting treatments range from $500 – $1200.
See the coupon section for half off a consultation during the month of September.
(850) 279-4145

TRENDSPOTTING: Monograms you can’t resist!
Frill Seekers Gifts & Personalized Fabulous Finds
Some pieces of monogram jewelry literally take your breath away. The custom Pave Peygotti Diamond Sterling Pendant will! The mother-daughter team and shop founders, Peyton LoCicero and Heidi LoCicero, have an eye for all things Southern, elegant and monogrammed, with a keen sense of style and an enviable reputation. Their Peygotti Collection was inspired after Peyton gave her mother an antique book containing beautiful and intricate illustrations of monograms and duograms dating back to the 1800’s. Within a week, their first designed collaboration looked stunning as jewelry pieces! Once you place an order with two initials to be carved in either sterling silver or gold, the duo collaborates, sketches and designs how the two letters will intersect, just as Old English scribes did. With the perfect two-letter monogram insignia, the item is cast with sterling silver. Finally, decadent rough-cut Indian diamond chips are placed and the pendant is brushed in a special finish for the old world, antique look and feel. No two pieces or finishes are alike, making your jewelry pendant, truly one of a kind to be treasured and passed down from generation to generation.

Frill Seekers’ clients pair the pendant most often with pearls, a choker style necklace, a long lariat necklace or their favorite bracelet. A recent client added the custom duogram pendant to her bridal bouquet, an exquisite touch of personalization! To view the entire collection of two and three-letter Peygotti pendants, visit To order, email or stop by the shop in City Market Bayside.
(850) 460-2700

Fall, Football and “Frostacious” Flavor!
Smallcakes: A Cupcakery
Fall and Football—two of our favorite words! And our favorite cupcakes are always on hand for tailgating, birthdays and celebrations! Smallcakes’ 12 pack of assorted minis are $15 and a great way to sample all the flavors! September is here, ushering in a new wave of “ALL” cakes, in all flavors and varieties—cupcakes, cookie cakes, “mini” or “mighty” cakes, brownies, cupcakes-in-a-jar, birthday and wedding cake heaven on earth! You can choose from an array of “frostacious” frostings and a variety of cupcake flavors to suit even the pickiest palate! Grab Smallcakes for the big game whether tailgating or hosting a game-watch party, while social distancing of course. You’ll certainly be a hit with your fellow fans who won’t be distanced from the flavorful, team-colored Smallcakes. Make your celebrations personal with custom edible logos and images to go on these tempting treats, baked fresh, with up to 18 flavors to choose from. Don’t forget your pets treats! As seen on the Food Network and Cupcake Wars, “ALL” cakes are perfect for games as well as any other occasion you can dream up! Call ahead for pre-orders or curbside pickup!
(850) 460-7487

Fall Flair; Not Despair
Dressing Room Boutique & Art Gallery
We’re already planning our fall outfits while holding onto summer with a vice grip, looking ahead for these fall staples and wardrobe essentials. You can get your fun, flirty, classy and trendy fall fashion pieces now to be ready for whatever the season holds! The Dressing Room exists to provide every fashionista with quality fashion at a reasonable price. Owner Abbie understands how you want to put your best foot forward, and strive to improve your confidence and self-image by providing you with the tools necessary to make the right first impressions—and the best fashion statements of the upcoming season! Abbie has collected the perfect ensembles, in style, and just right for all body types. As the expert, she listens to you and works to help you show off your best self! Pick up super cute pieces that embrace the current environment, mix and match, add a brilliant shot of color or sheen along with sassiness and personal style; pump up your basics with a little flare, and you’ll always look your best!
(850) 218-8776