The BeachBilly Lifestyle Show


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The BeachBilly Lifestyle Show
A Country Family Living on the Gulf Coast

The Beachbilly Lifestyle Show is a  new television show pursuing a life filled with simplicity and sunshine through adventures along the Florida-Alabama Gulf Coast. What is a Beachbilly? A Beachbilly is any person who loves the beach, woods, farming and all things simple. Before Brown, his wife and his three sons became unlikely TV personalities whose adventures were broadcast weekly on WFGX, they led a fairly typical American family life. A friend came by during the height of this family adventure in 2016 and commented, ‘Man, you’re living like a bunch of hillbillies at the beach, I like it.’

At that moment, Brown said, he thought to himself, “Beachbilly.”

A few years ago the Brown family decided they wanted a healthier way of life and more space for their three adventurous boys. With a beach loving city girl for a mom, and a beach loving country boy for a father, it is no surprise that they ended up about 15 minutes from the beach. They now live off the grid with their sons, 19 chickens and three rabbits. You can watch their episodes on the 30A TV Network at

“The Beachbilly Lifestyle Show is super excited to be joining the 30A Broadcast Network,” said Jessika and Josh Brown.  “Our family’s show fits right in with the 30A family because their philosophy and concepts match ours. Come alongside us as we continue our journey to simplicity and sunshine on the 30A Network and discover new adventures with our family along the beautiful Gulf Coast.”

Episode 1 is now available at as well as weekends on Mediacom CH 17 in Northwest Florida. “I am super excited to be airing the BeachBilly Lifestyle Show,” said Paul Vizard, 30a Media CEO. “Not only is the show entertaining, but also it is educational, portraying a fascinating insight on life off the grid in and around the beaches of Northwest Florida. Josh and Jessika have taken a big leap of faith, and we are delighted to follow them on their journey.”

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