Take Your Health Back With Regenerative Wellness Infiniti Cells Dec. 9


Our stem cells decrease and decline with age. When we’re born, one in every 10,000 cells are stem cells. By the time we reach the teenage years, around one in every 100,000 cells are stem cells. By the time we reach age 30, one in every 250,000 cells are stem cells. By age 40, one in every 400,000 cells are stem cells, and by the time we reach age 80, one in every 2,000,000 cells are stem cells. Now, you can see what happens as we age and why we just don’t bounce back like we did when we were younger.

Shirley Mitchell Williams, author and educator of Regenerative Wellness and Stem Cell Therapy will be sharing her testimony, after being given a death sentence, at a free educational seminar on Dec. 9, at Destin Pilates Center. She will share how she was diagnosed with Stage 4, End Stage Breast Cancer with mets to the bones, organs, and lymph nodes and that medical science gave her no hope of survival.

Shirley brings a message of HOPE (Healing Of People Everywhere). Please join Destin Pilates Center and others to learn more about REGENERATION, and how to live YOUNGER, LONGER and STRONGER, and, as Shirley experienced, even how to turn back your own body’s time clock.

Our problem:
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Shirley will show compelling evidence of regeneration as she explains how Infiniti Cells are transforming lives across the nation.

What do the next 30 days look like for you? You can continue down the road you have been walking or you could take a new direction that could transform your life and the lives of your loved ones. Imagine a life without pain and turning back the clock of time, even the probability of experiencing a regenerated body. Before you operate, before you medicate, REGENERATE! This could be exactly what you have been praying for!

Dec. 9, 2019, 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. at Destin Pilates and Aerial, 36150 Emerald Coast Pkwy 108. Destin. Next to Chicken Salad Chick. Call 850-246-1680 for more information.