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A Lotus Life by Lauren Catanese

We all have been given an incredible opportunity. A chance to create, build, manifest, dream, achieve, heal and grow. We have been blessed with the sensational and magical gift of life. What will you do with yours? At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how many mountains you have climbed, unless that brings you peace. It doesn’t matter how many people you have helped, unless that fills you with love. It doesn’t matter how much money or how successful you are at being super woman or man, unless that is what brings you closer to your destiny. Whatever we do or don’t do in life, is entirely and completely up to us. So what makes a difference at the end of the day when we take our last breath? Does any of it matter?

I write each month by sitting down at my computer and asking for guidance on what to write. I ask that I write something that will be for the highest good for at least one reader. Writing about my own experiences, thinking that someone else out there might be going through a similar situation. I write because I love to write, and I am lucky to have this opportunity. I get to share this time with you. It brings me peace, makes me feel loved, and brings me closer to my destiny. And at the end of the night when I close my eyes, I feel grateful. It’s a fulfilling sensation that makes me feel I am exactly where I am supposed to be, at the exact moment, doing what I am meant to be doing. Utilizing my gifts to shine more love into this delightful planet of ours.

We all have been given an incredible opportunity, a chance at life. Blessed are we. And with hearts filled with grace may our lights shine onto ourselves and others, blinding the world with our glow, and on our last breath…leaving with a smile.

If all this sounds great and you want to feel your inner light, and understand that it can’t be bought, here are some tips to feeling it, recharging it and letting it do what it was made to:

  1. Believe it is real. You have an inner light that wants to shine. It is your true essence and cannot ever leave you. It is within you always and is pure love.
  2. Trust in your inner guidance.
  3. Give yourself a break; we are all doing the best we can with our level of consciousness at every moment.
  4. Take time to nurture yourself and your light. Do something that makes you feel loved every day.
  5. Release the old and welcome the new. Let go of old beliefs that tell you you are anything less than love.
  6. Honor your feelings. Know they are guiding you to where you need and want to go.
  7. Gratitude always brings you back to the present with joy.
  8. Be kind. We are all works in progress.
  9. Honor and cherish the gift of life.
  10. Take time for stillness. Here is a quick one: close your eyes and breathe in for four seconds, hold for four seconds, and breathe out for four seconds and again hold four seconds. It only take 16 seconds and you will feel a shift. Repeat as needed.