Randy Lemon, Your Local Custom Cabinet Maker


By Rita L. Sherwood

What’s an interesting fun fact about Destin’s own Randy Lemon? His house is virtually a zoo, he jokes. “Yes, it’s true, we have 2 snakes, a hedgehog, a parrot, 2 guinea pigs, and we just lost our beloved bearded dragon. We often joke we should make it a petting zoo.” With six kids ranging in age from 14 to 26, and with all of their friends coming to visit, that’s probably not a bad idea!

But when he’s not home relaxing with his wife Wanda and all of their pets, Randy can be found at Seaside Premium Cabinets in Destin. A panhandle native who grew up in Pensacola and Gulf Breeze, Randy relocated to Destin in 2012 and opened Seaside Premium Cabinets in 2016. His background had always been in construction and home building, and as a licensed builder it was a natural fit to move into the cabinet business. And not just any cabinet business, Randy explains, “What we do is assemble and install kitchen and bathroom cabinets from 12 different high quality manufacturers, offering a good price point that results in a reasonable price for the customer.” He goes on to say that this has almost become the norm in the industry due to a lack of workforce in the custom cabinet woodworking arena and they are able to offer a very good product at a competitive price. There are occasional limitations that arise, but Randy says most customers are flexible and he can add molding and fillers to achieve the correct sizing for a space. This allows for a custom built look without the custom price tag.

About half of his business is new construction, and the other half is from home and condo remodels. Randy says, “It’s been my experience that people appreciate honesty and communication; so if we say we’re going to do something, we’ll do our very best to do it.” In a land of lack of responsiveness from contractors and some inventory delays, this is a welcome respite. Randy works hard to ensure the inventory arrives ahead of schedule, checks the schedules with the contractors, and then ultimately communicates with customers, following up with repairs, bids, and designs.

Is it time to update your cabinets? Come check out the vast array of beautiful design and cabinet options at Seaside Premium Cabinets, 4010 Commons Drive West, Destin. You’ll be glad you did! Also visit them online at www.seasidepremiumcabinets.com.