By David Saviola, Arborbrook

“176,000,000 results.” Wow, that seems like a really big number. Even in an age when “trillions” is thrown around left and right, 176 million seems like a lot of anything. In this case, it was the result of a Google search for “Christian Advice on Money.” And resulted in 176 million in .56 seconds, to be exact. I see all the typical results at the top as “ads,” and a few references to church sermons. – Dave Ramsey, Compass Financial, Crown. There are also a lot of videos and “biblical prosperity tips.” Around page two of the results the “asks for donations” start. To be honest, I’m a bit overwhelmed with so many options and directions to take, and for most of us, that is precisely the problem.

Let me encourage you though: Everything you need to know about money is in one source: The Bible. And the even better news is that this book of truth contains approximately 2,300 “results.” I love the prospect of studying 2,300 sentences versus 176 million.

All throughout scripture, the Bible has a lot to say about money. In fact, it might surprise you to know it addresses this topic more than some other common behaviors like worship and even prayer. Regardless of your belief system, the truth about money in the Bible should excite anyone wanting to be better with finances. This is because these truths are timeless and, when applied, they transcend every market cycle, economic crash, and yes, even a Presidential Tweet. Many believe the Bible is a blueprint for giving only; however, giving is actually a small portion of this timeless design. How we earn it, when to save it, how we invest it, where to spend it, and the best ways to transfer it are just some of the highlights. The bottom line is God truly owns everything. Understanding that we are managers and not owners is tremendously freeing and empowering. Of course, being a manager also carries responsibility. But our greatest responsibility is actually quite simple.

And that is to simply ask the owner: “What would you have me do with your stuff?”