New Foods for Wellness Scan



If you get confused what kind of diet you should be eating, you are not alone.  New diets come out every month, the paleo diet, raw foods diet, ketogenic diet, DASH diet and the list goes on.  Well now you can find out not only what foods are best for you but what your body thrives on. We are not all alike genetically, blood type or other factor,s so our ideal diets are not the same either.  While we celebrate our uniqueness everyone has specific foods that support health.

Do you know that when you eat the wrong foods for as little as 5 days the muscle’s ability to use glucose changes and your metabolism decreases.  When the body does not use glucose properly the tissue becomes inflamed which is associated to all disease. Another issue is the blood vessels constrict that can lead to high blood pressure and worse you are hungry again in a short time!

Our body is designed to regulate how much we eat and the energy we burn. But food manufacturers have found a way around this mechanism.  Processed food is made to be addictive so they make bigger profits.  Their flavors overwhelm the brain and you literally can’t taste fresh unprocessed food.   The good news is after 10 days or so your taste buds can return to normal and taste the subtle flavors of fresh foods.  So what should you do?

I am happy to announce the New Foods for Wellness Scan.  It scans over 500 foods to determine the very best for your health and energy.   The report organizes the food choices into convenient food groups to make shopping a breeze.  

Stop guessing about your health, get your scan today and start eating for health and vitality.

Doctor Leesa Haire (photo)   

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