Need Some Advice?


By Dave Saviola, Arberbrook Financial Consulting Firm

The poet and philosopher Thiruvalluvar is given credit for saying: “Nothing is impossible for those who act after wise counsel and careful thought.”

We are certainly in a time where, for most of us, some very important decisions are about to be made that will have impacts on our own lives, our families, our businesses, and our communities for years and perhaps decades to come. How do we navigate through such waters? Common sense says we should not do it alone, but then what? How do I find the right advisor?

The answer comes from a story that occurred approximately 3,600 years ago … give or take. At the time, perhaps the most powerful man in the world, Pharaoh, had a series of disturbing dreams. So, he summoned the “magicians and wise men” of Egypt to tell him what the dreams meant. They could not.

A high-ranking waiter then makes a referral to Pharaoh, telling him that he knew a guy that could help. Oh, by the way, this guy is currently in prison. Nevertheless, Pharaoh must have been frustrated and desperate, because he sent for this prisoner at once to see if he could help.

The prisoner’s name is Joseph, and he has just been plucked from detention and given an audience with the ruler of all the land. A pretty big opportunity indeed and all he must do is tell Pharaoh what his dreams mean. The first words out of Joseph’s mouth are, “It is beyond my power to do this.” Wait … what? But then the story turns to the source of all wisdom and knowledge, Joseph continues: “But God can tell you what it means and set you at ease.”

Joseph goes on to not only interpret the dreams for Pharaoh, but give him specific recommendations of how to handle the situation. The king received this advice so well, he put Joseph in charge of all the land of Egypt, a pretty decent promotion from prisoner.

In this account recorded in Genesis 41, Pharaoh goes on to describe Joseph as a man “in whom is the spirit of God,” declaring “there is no one so discerning and wise as you.” I often like to describe Joseph as the first financial advisor, and I would maintain that when looking for a team to help you traverse today’s environment, it is critical for them to have received their credentials from the One who ultimately directs our steps. Indeed, nothing is impossible when God is the source of our advice.