Meet our Local Pro: Kyle Aichele, Emerald Coast Scapes


Kyle AicheleKyle Aichele, owner of Emerald Coast Scapes, believes that one of the coolest opportunities as humans is that we get to be creators. “Creating to me is such an intense and pressure-cooking experience of witnessing the impossible becoming possible, the sheer fact that one is able to achieve success in those endeavors and the trials that one is also able to overcome.”

When Kyle first started to understand these powerful realizations, he worked at an internship in his late teens where he worked with five others maintaining 70 acres of property. “It was a beautiful campus,” said Kyle, “but I saw things that I thought would make it a lot more enjoyable to look at from a landscaping perspective. We started to clean up the place and make the property look pristine and excellent. Even though it was work and it was hard, I was always energized at the end of the day and left work feeling good.”

Kyle started a landscaping business in his mid 20s providing an array of service from making a normal lawn look perfect to working with builders. In one instance, he worked on a new house which sat on nothing but a plot of dirt. He added cool trees, perfect green grass, hand-picked flowers and shrubs that he and the homeowner wanted, and added colored rocks and mulch to bring accent to the house and curb appeal. “When it was finished, I got to see the excitement that the homeowner came home to. It was rewarding to see the experience we had created for their family to enjoy, such as everyone meeting in the backyard on the paver patio with the outdoor kitchen and fireplace while hanging out under the pergola relaxing and connecting socially.”

Kyle says although he continues to enjoy seeing that final picture in his mind of how he took a blueprint and brought it to life, he also admits there were many obstacles. “We persevered and overcame them. I consider it just the challenges of the business and welcome the opportunity to solve those challenges for my clients,” he says. “I have never been one that enjoys the same and mundane routine in life. Even though it sometimes feels better, I know that I have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

As Kyle steps into this year with its new opportunities, he says he’s proceeding with the mindset of creating more. “Taking nothing and building/creating it into something that others love to stop and look at is my passion,” he says. “Honestly, that is why I moved my family of six down here from North Dakota, because we get to live in a place that is inspirational and rejuvenating. Whenever I feel low, I just spend 15-30 minutes walking or playing with my kids and wife at the beach, and I get refreshed.”

Kyle says if there’s anything you would like his company to help create for you or on your property, simply contact him. He can help with new ideas, a fresh cleanup or cut on lawn or property. “We would love to serve you in that way,” says Kyle. “We do the dirty work for you!”

Emerald Coast Scapes serves Destin, Miramar Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, Panama City and surrounding areas. Services include residential and commercial lawn maintenance, custom patio installation, retaining wall installation, mulching and pine straw, gutter cleaning, spring and fall cleanups, grading, tree and hedge trimming.

Look for landscaping tips in upcoming issues of Destin Life. You can reach Kyle at 850.783.0817 or