Local Pro: Krisy Anderson, Beverly Hills Day Spa


By Rita L. Sherwood

A Midwest girl who moved here 14 years ago from Joplin, Missouri, meet Beverly Hills Day Spa owner Krisy Anderson. She always knew she wanted to own her own business, and that dream became a reality after working two years for Betsey Beebee at Beverly Hills Day Spa. She explains, “I really was looking for a small, quaint salon to work in, and hit it off immediately with Betsey. She was the perfect mentor for me, because I was able to learn more about skincare and facials from her, as I was more experienced with massages, even though I was licensed in both.”

Betsey wanted to spend more time with her family and ultimately wanted to move back to Enterprise, Ala. So, during that second year, Krisy was basically running the salon. She purchased the salon from Betsey in 2007, and soon remodeled it to make it her own. She says, “Owning your own business is never easy, because it’s your life—you’re really married to it. But, it’s truly my calling; my love for what I do has gotten me through the good times and the bad.” She goes on to say, “I feel blessed to do what I do and have made many lasting friendships and relationships.”

When asked what her motto for her business would be, she replies, “We want clients to feel as beautiful on the inside as on the outside, and to come in and leave feeling like a star.”
This married mom of two kids, Kristianna, 11, and Will, 8, knows how stressful life can be, and how important it is to be able to relax. She loves to exercise and stay active so she can keep up with her kids and, of course, her two rescued bulldogs, Dixie and Jazz.

Come in and see what Krisy and Beverly Hills Day Spa has to offer. They’re located at 114 Palmetto Street, #6, in Destin. Be sure to check out the back-to-school specials in August, and if you’re a local, be sure to mention it and a receive 10% discount.