Hand & Stone Massage: Give an “Experience” Instead of “Stuff”


Here’s why it’s such a great idea:

A growing trend in holiday gift giving is to create an “experience” as a gift instead of giving “stuff.” And why not?! As we all strive to be more environmentally friendly, the well-intentioned “stuff” we give others over the holidays quickly adds to the post-holiday clutter. According to studies collected by Joshua Becker, the expert on minimalism and author of several books on the topic:

The average family gives or throws away more than 200 pounds of clothes per year.
54% of adults in the U.S. report being overwhelmed with clutter and 78% have no idea how to overcome it!

Storage facilities are now the fastest growing real estate segment in the U.S. — there is enough physical space at these facilities for every man, woman, and child in America to stand – all at the same time!

5 great holiday
experience gift ideas:
Want to try out experience giving this year? We put together this quick list of our top five gift experiences:
5. Tickets to a sporting event: Surprise them – a road trip to see their favorite team will become a cherished memory.
4. Sign them up for a class: Maybe your gifting target has been thinking about learning photography or art.
3. Help them “take one off the bucket list.” Go skydiving or commit to prepare together for that first-ever triathlon. You know what they want, this holiday you can help them achieve it.
2. Make a donation on their behalf. It truly is better to give than to receive and giving the gift of giving will create more than just the instant gratification of more stuff.
1. And the number one experience you can give someone this holiday (at least in our humble opinion) is a gift card from Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa in Destin. Let them enjoy a day of pampering, it’s healthy and feels great. This holiday get a free $10 gift card when you spend $100 or a free $25 gift card when you spend $200. Visit our website for details: www.handandstonedestin.com.