Emerald Coast Scapes: Enhance the Environment


By Kyle Aichele

Imagine a city or town with no lawns, plants, flowers or even trees. Boring right! I feel like sometimes I take these simple yet beautiful agricultural things for granted. When you have a new property or you want to update a property and you begin to add trees, the lawn and eventually plants and flowers, there is so much benefit that one is adding to the environment. For instance a 50’ by 50’ lawn creates enough oxygen for a family of four. Well-maintained lawns also are crucial to preventing insects such as some ticks that carry lyme disease and mosquitoes which can also carry diseases.

The more plants we have help clean the air from dust and smoke particles and ultimately make the air cleaner. Lawns also help prevent soil erosion which, if not cared for, can create damage to foundations and other permanent structures and can cost homeowners thousands of dollars to repair. It is our job as a landscaping company to use the best technology and tools to provide a safe and environmentally friendly process. If you are looking at your property and would like to see grass where there is dirt or would like an instant vegetation wall to cover up your electric meter or pool equipment, we would love to help. For example, see the photo where this yard was originally nothing but pinestraw before we started, but now has been transformed. Not only will you be getting rid of the eye sore, but you’ll be immediately enhancing the environment.

One thing I love about this area is that it is already currently beautiful, which did not happen overnight. There were generations before us that wanted to make this area a better and more beautiful place to live. So, I encourage us all to keep passing on a more beautiful place for our future generations.