Dr. Bart’s Top 3 supplements for everyone!


Dr. Bart’s Top 3 supplements for everyone!

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Dr. Bart Precourt

Not all supplements are created equal.

Oddly enough when I’m asked if I think taking vitamins is a good idea I generally respond with a “No” to their surprise.  I think supplementing with whole food supplements is a good idea. Unfortunately, most of the supplements that are available today are synthetic—essentially they are fake. The challenge is that it’s not always easy for consumers to tell the difference. The key is to look for “whole food” on the bottle. This means that it comes from true whole foods not synthetic vitamins made in a lab. Synthetic vitamins can often cause an upset stomach, vitamin imbalances, and even toxicity. This is why many people have steered away from using vitamins as an easy and great way to achieve health.

“So, what supplements should I be taking?”

This might be one of the most common questions I get daily.  As you could imagine, the answer to this could vary incredibly. Assume that we are talking about overall health and not about one specific health condition. The following three supplements are either the ones people tend to be most deficient in, are the hardest to source naturally, or simply have the greatest overall health impact.

*Of note, supplementation is not designed to replace a poor diet. Rather to supplement inadequacies or deficiencies.

My Top 3:

Cod liver oil omega 3 gel capsules isolated on white background
Cod liver oil omega 3 gel capsules isolated on white background


Fish Oil

Most health care providers and nutritionists like myself agree that this should be part of everyone’s daily routine. The benefits of fish oils, essential fatty acids (EPA/DHA) are amazing to say the least. They work as your body’s natural way to cope with inflammation of all causes. Increase brain function, slow the aging process, and help reduce cholesterol levels. Although there are several good sources to choose from, my favorite is Cod Liver Oil. Cod liver oil is a great source of the Omega 3 Fatty Acids DHA and EPA as well as vitamins A and D. So you get all the benefits of fish oil plus immune support.

Magnesium Lactate

Magnesium is the third most abundant mineral in the human body and is used in over 300 enzymatic reactions. I find people benefit greatly from adding this as a supplement. Benefits include: improved sleep, calming effect, improved muscle and nerve conduction, better elimination of bowels, and recovery for your musculoskeletal system. I often prescribe magnesium as a safe and gentle way to effectively treat constipation. One of the main reasons so many people benefit from using magnesium as a supplement is because of how easily we become magnesium deficient. You lose magnesium through sweating, stress, consuming processed foods, coffee, and alcohol. Not all magnesium products are equal. I recommend using Magnesium Lactate—It’s highly absorbable and very effective. This is best utilized by taking approximately 400mgs at night before bed.

Cod liver oil omega 3 gel capsules isolated on white background
Cod liver oil omega 3 gel capsules isolated on white background

RNA: ribonucleic acid

Simply put, this is brain fuel. RNA helps cell growth by activating protein synthesis. It’s touted as the greatest “anti-aging” supplement due to its support of brain function. Beneficial for people who seem to be forgetful and get foggy brain. It has also been shown to support perfusion in people who have cold fingers and toes. This is a supplement that I could add to almost any protocol to help the overall effectiveness of anything else you are taking. Very helpful for people with chronic low resistance to infection, fevers, and colds. One of the best natural dietary sources of RNA is sardines.

Honorable mention:

Additional whole food supplements such as a probiotics for gut and immune health and digestive enzymes for proper digestive health are great choices for overall health.