Blessed by Mom


To celebrate this Mother’s Day, Destin Life asked, “What blesses (or blessed) you about your mom?”My mother blesses me with unconditional love, guidance, and wisdom that has molded me into the person I am today. She has been my rock and biggest cheerleader as I navigate through life.
-Bobby Parker, Marketing Manager, Howard Hospitality

My mother in law, Karen Jones, shows me how to live life to the fullest. She is the busiest person I know yet always makes family and her relationships a priority. She’s one of my favorite people!
-Melissa Jones, Norton Insurance

My mother, Leslie Sheekley, has blessed me with values and morals that have shaped me to be the hardworking, caring and loving person I am today.
– Taylor Sheekley, Proffitt PR

My mom taught me to be honest and be tough! She was an amazing businesswoman who focused a lot of energy on her little project.
-Mary Anne Windes, Real Estate Professionals

My mother, Lois Dokey, has not only been a blessing, but an inspiration. Despite insurmountable odds, she not only beat cancer once, but twice. She is a remarkable example of what it means to be a “fighter” and not give up. Pictured is my mom on her 80th birthday with me and two daughters, Elizabeth (left) and Jenna (right).
-Catherine Card, City of Destin

My mom blessed me with Strength and Laughter. She was a fearless, single mom who encouraged me to have a good time, as long as it didn’t hurt anybody, and to go after my dreams. Thank you, Verna Pelto.
-Gail Pelto, Realtor, Keller Williams Realty Emerald Coast

I am a first generation American and it is because of my mother’s bravery and resilient, “never quit” mentality that I live in this country and enjoy the privileges not afforded to so many. To my siblings and I, she passed her creative spirit, a drive to lead, and a self-propelled motivation to create change. We are blessed to have such a Momma!
-Shantelle Dedicke, President and CCO, Frances Roy Agency

My precious mother blesses me every single day with her words of wisdom, positive outlook on life, beautiful smile that lights up a room, her endless love and incredibly good genes!
-Jessica Proffitt, President Proffitt PR


Carol, my Mom was a blessing in so many ways. She was compassionate and loving yet firm. She instilled in me to be a gentleman, to always give my best and to never quit.
-Scott Miller, Director of Sales, Destin Life


The most important blessing is from my children to their Grandmother and I had them answer the question. Emm: She’s always there for me. She always makes strawberries with chocolate. I love when I am with her because she makes her Oma bread. Reid: I think Oma is great because she makes me comfortable and she’s really nice and sweet and cares about everybody. Brant: I love that my Grandmother is there to talk too. I also love that Oma brings the family together.
-Chris Balzar, Emerald Coast Energy Solutions

My mother taught us by example the importance of being gracious and kind. Always full of southern colloquialisms, she was quick to remind us “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” and “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” I’ve never heard her disparage anyone or pass judgment on poor choices. When my mother says “Bless her heart” she actually means it. “It’s not my favorite” is the most she will ever say to show distaste. Her voice stays in my head as I navigate relationships, children and my career and I strive to stay gracious and kind. If I can be half the woman she is, I am truly blessed. Happy Mothers Day, Callie!
-Amy Milligan, Cryo850

My mother taught me many things—honesty, generosity, kindness and love. She has always been there for me. She is my mother and best friend.
-Debra Henry, CPA

My mom doesn’t blink an eye to order me an air fryer for Mother’s Day even though she knows I can’t cook! As my mom, she sees past that and affirms my desire to take care of my family in a healthier way. I hope I don’t burn the house down!
-Ashley Vannoy, First National Bank

My mother, Ouida Peterson Rojas, was a stay-at-home mother while I and my two siblings were being raised. It wasn’t until the youngest child completed high school that she entered into a real estate career…fast forward and she is still selling real estate at age 86!
Not only was she and remains my best friend, she was a Cub Scout and Girl Scout leader, drove me to tap, ballet and piano lessons each week and made sure I experienced a world of art and culture even if I didn’t succeed in any of those talents, but gained a great appreciation in discovering a world of art.
-Marcia Hull, CEO, Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation

My mom has blessed me by being so open minded to some of my crazy ideas! She was always the most supportive, even when she didn’t always agree with me. And for that, I’m so blessed!
-Cali Hlavac, To Do In Destin and Destin Life Contributor

My birth mother gave me life; my adopted mother taught me how to live!
-Ann Kief

She was always kind. No matter the turmoil; no matter the situation. She was always forgiving. She showed love and forgiveness to people who wronged her. And she never lost that spirit.
-Dave White, Publisher SoWal Life


As Destin Life publisher, I want to wish all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day from my family to yours!