Blessed by Mom: Happy Mother’s Day!


I am beyond blessed that God chose Rosalia Sacco to be my mom. Her love never waivers. Her love is unconditional.
-Julie Porterfield, Emerald Coast Children’s Advocacy Center

My Mother, Yvonne Bennett (1930-2016), was a sweet woman who rarely raised her voice at her two daughters. She made our childhood amazing and full of happy memories. My little sister passed away in 2000, so I always take comfort in knowing they are together. I love you Mom!
-JoDell Haverfield, Have Travel Memories Vacations

My mom, Anna Vaggalis, calls me every Friday night to pray over me before the weekend, blessing my family and our church. When I can’t pick up, she leaves a full 4-minute voice prayer blessing. She’s determined to bless no matter what!
-Steve Vaggalis, Lead Pastor, Destiny Worship Center

My Mom, Jane Dunlap, (now with the Lord) blessed me as a living example of the Proverbs 31 woman: She feared the Lord, had a beautiful laugh, worked vigorously, had noble character and traded profitably.
-Debby McKinney, Optimum Health Alliance

Three Generations: My mother, Betty Jane Rudiger, (left) taught me, that no matter how many miles are between us, no matter how far apart, I will always hold a special place in her heart. Now that my own daughter, Peyton LoCicero, has moved out of state, this sentiment resonates so profoundly in my own heart. And the best part is, when the three of us are back together, it’s as though no time has passed. The laughter returns, time stands still and my heart is happy. I truly believe that is a blessing.
-Heidi LoCicero, Frill Seekers Gifts

The most important blessing is from my children to their Grandmother, Oma, and I had them answer the question. Emm: She’s always there for me. She always makes strawberries with chocolate. I love when I am with her because she makes her Oma bread. Reid: I think Oma is great because she makes me comfortable and she’s really nice and sweet and cares about everybody. Brant: I love that my Grandmother is there to talk too. I also love that Oma brings the family together.
-Chris Balzar, Emerald Coast Energy Solutions

My mother, Betty Sue Smith, has always been a rock for me. She cares deeply for her family and others and is always there when someone needs a hand. She’s a blessing to everyone who has the benefit of knowing her!
-Robyn Hicks, Community Management Associates, Inc.

As a beautiful Mother, Grand Mother and Great Grand Mother, my Mom, Marguerite Austin Joyner, blesses us all with her strong love, kindness and support.
-Marguerite Parker, Silver King Charters of Destin

My Mom, Janice Smith, always has been and continues to be my biggest supporter. She instilled in me the philosophy that “If I can dream it, I can achieve it.”
-Nellie Schlachter, Synovus Bank

My Mom, Donna Walker, blesses me in so many ways, but I think the best quality she has is being my greatest confidante. She’s always ready and willing to listen and be loving and supportive!
-Rita Sherwood, DESTIN Life/SOWAL Life

My Mom, Iselda Richards, blesses me with her wisdom, strength of character and “Mama Bear” protection. She exemplifies what a strong woman and good mother should be.
-Rachel Russell, Vision Consultant

My Mom, Carol, was a blessing in so many ways. She was compassionate and loving yet firm. She instilled in me to be a gentleman, to always give my best and to never quit.
-Scott Miller, Director of Sales, Destin Life/Bay Life