Artworx @ Beachworx


The first season of ARTWORX @ BEACHWORX has been a success with 16 featured local artists. With the fresh atmosphere of the contemporary co-work space, the walls of BEACHWORX offer a perfect palette for a display of local color. The centrally located space offers an opportunity for a wide variety of new eyes to view and potentially buy art, as Beachworx has opened its rotating door to local and visiting professionals, with memberships for desks, private offices and conference rooms, hosting networking events and creating a collaborative community work space.
Beachworx partnered with local artist and creative entrepreneur Maxine Orange to manage a bi-annual curation of art for the space. There’s still time to view a wide variety of artists works from all over the Emerald Coast which are included in the current collection and all artwork can be purchased at Beachworx. Among the artists are Jordan Aucoin, Matthew Champion, Joyful Enriquez, Claire Gagne, Kathryn Guidry, Racheal Homack, Michael Lunsford, Melanie Moore, Libbo Morgan, Maxine Orange, Irina Roberts, Michelle Ruschman, Patti Schlotterlein, Kathleen Schumacher, Jennifer Viaene, Jamie Zimchek.

As the one responsible for bringing the artists together at Beachworx, Maxine Orange says, “I’ve had a variety of different kinds of experiences throughout my multifaceted career as an artist and designer, and I always have ideas that I want to share with other creative people to help them succeed.”But don’t wait too long to view these amazing and one-of-a-kind art discoveries. There will be a new, second round soon! And with the new round, in addition to the artwork on display at Beachworx, there will be new opportunities for artist growth such as goal setting, consulting, meetings and mentor partnerships. “The goal is to help artists find the right path to decide and develop their own story of creative success,” she says.
Maxine says she’s also working on starting the “Creative MO” podcast which will be recorded at Beachworx. “The podcast will go hand-in-hand with Artworx, as I’ll be interviewing artists and others involved in careers where they have achieved creative success.”

For more information on art or artists, contact Maxine at 714-658-9491 or To learn more about Beachworx, contact Andy Proveda at 850-974-3904 or