Addictions – Do they Rule You?


Addictions – Do they Rule You?

A lot of us have some bad habits that may seem harmless but are in reality, an addiction.  How about food, sugar, alcohol, excessive worry, street drugs or exercise; they can all become addictive.  By definition, an addiction is a strong and harmful need to regularly have something or do something. Generally disruptive to normal routine in some way and physically, psychologically, or socially harmful.  Basically an Addiction is an unmet need.

Reasons for addictions vary greatly.  Choosing to look at the issue means you are in the “solutions” mode.

3 steps of changing cravings/addictions are:

  1. Identifying the root cause (People choose their specific “addiction” for a reason)
  2. Finding new productive nourishing tools (i.e. mediation, exercise, journaling, therapy, essential oils)
  3. Implementing new coping skills

That might sound like a lot of work but let’s break it down.  First, it’s important to understand that you have certain chemistry in the body that distributes messages to the cells and they are picky ex: opiate receptors would accept morphine, heroine, or natural endorphins, but not insulin or estrogen.  Matching what you need with the receptors in a pure form that can be absorbed quickly, is powerful.

This shows that you have the capacity to be that in charge of your chemistry.

You can decide what kind of messengers you want coursing through your body. That’s powerful.

In addiction, here is what happens…

Limbic (where emotions live) takes over and the cortex shrinks (the control part). Your pleasure center shrinks. You need more and more of your “drug”

Goal: homeostasis- balance.  You need uninterrupted communication between messenger molecules and receptors.

Things that can disrupt the communication:

  1. Diet coke
  2. Traumatic emotions
  3. Addictions – sugar, nicotine, alcohol, drugs

Here is the good news, there are safe and effective natural products that clear off these receptors and help normalize the functions, but don’t forget you can’t just put a bandaid on addiction.  You need to find your reason for addiction.  Getting to that root cause can seem impossible to some but not with a new technology called Perceptions Reframing.  It is a powerful treatment that will connect the root cause of our behavior.  In addition we have the specific food and specific supplements and essentials oils for individual addictions, if you are ready to take back control.  

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