A Pastor’s Ponderings: Dial-in to God’s Voice


Dave HollandBy Pastor Dave Holland

My wife loves her clunky, old-fashioned radio. It has a round dial that tunes in various stations. To listen to a program without static, you hold the antennae with your left hand and stand on one foot while dangling your arm in the air as if you were an antennae extension. Then, slowly turn the knob with your right hand until you reach a station with clarity.

Listening to God’s Word is often like that old radio. You need to dial your heart in with sensitivity to hear God’s voice speaking to your innermost being.

Even sickness and devils attend to God’s voice as Luke 4:38-39 (NIV), shows us, “Now Simon’s mother-in-law was suffering from a high fever, and they asked Jesus to help her. So, he bent over her and rebuked the fever, and it left her.”

In our passage we find Jesus arriving at the home of Peter’s feverish mother. Christ stands over her and utters the Word of healing, and her fever flees. What kind of person does that? A man who cares deeply.

Christ is our healer, as well as our Savior. Jesus heals Peter’s mother simply by the power of His Word.

Jesus verbally “rebuked the fever,” it obeyed and left. What do you say when you speak to a fever? He talked to an inanimate object, and it heeded His voice. This event is similar to when He spoke the Word at creation, and out of the darkness light erupted. We are witnessing the same Lord who created the cosmos exercising His authority to help people personally. Jesus speaks and things happen. His Word to us today has power!

Cultivating the inner awareness of God’s Word and Spirit is central to the Christian life. Living in obedience to the voice of Jesus gives you authority, clarity and significance. Do you want to hear God’s voice and feel his healing touch? Commit yourself to read your Bible. Pause and listen, linger there for seven minutes of silence. Let God’s Word dwell in you richly.

Imagine what Jesus could do in your life by the authority of His Word! Whom would Christ heal? What would He rebuke? What would the Lord command to go? Negativity, hidden addiction, fear, doubt, lust, murmuring, pride–all commanded to go by the authority of God’s Word!

Tune out all the noise and listen. Turn off your mind, your thoughts, and plan to sit before God. He’s wired you to hear His voice. He will speak words you cannot imagine. Listen to the song of the ages and see the glory of God. Taste and see that the Lord is good. He created you to know his voice–you just have to turn your dial to his station.

Dave Holland pastored churches for more than 38 years before retiring in Destin. He recently released his new devotional-Bible study based on the Gospel of Luke called “Every Day Jesus: Experience the Jesus Who Ignites Your Soul.” You can get a copy of his book from his website, DaveHolland.org, or by contacting him at davidvholland54@gmail.com. Pastor Dave is available to preach in churches and conferences or to serve as an interim pastor.