A Lesson In Paying It Forward: When A Battle Manifests Blessings


    By Lisa Turpin

    Good deeds DO get noticed. Tami Scott lives in the heart of Destin. For decades and more Tami has had a persistent way of helping others. Not only through her many individual actions but, what started with teaching the importance of random acts of kindness to her children, blossomed into a chain of forward transfer of kindness throughout her entire family, friends and the community. She is the first one to help anyone in need. Not only has Tami organized countless charitable events for members of our community, but she’s also created many clubs that all benefit the hearts, souls and lives of those in need. She couldn’t hold back teaching only to her own kids; she created the RAKK club where she gathered elementary students and taught them the importance of doing RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS throughout Destin and surrounding areas. Her mission: to teach the next generation to spread love and compassion.

    Tami FamilyIn October 2018, this vibrant, funny, outgoing and gigantic-hearted woman heard the heavy words from her doctor that she has “stage four breast cancer” that has metastasized to her liver and bones. At first there is disbelief. Then fear… not only fear of what will happen, but questioning the strength it takes to fight the fight. Tami has way too much to live for and even more people depending on her leadership and laughter. In friend Autumn Ussery’s words: Tami is one of the most beautiful and caring souls that has ever been placed on this earth. She is someone who embodies the word “COMMUNITY,” doing way more for others than she does for herself, and going out of her way to make sure that no person or family goes without. But Tami doesn’t do this alone. Her family selflessly cheers her on every single moment she gives to others, by giving up their own personal time with her so that she can, in turn, pay it forward.

    “Tami is an excellent example of what we should ALL strive to be on this earth.”

    A cancer diagnosis is traumatic and not only is the treatment hard on the body, but it can get really hard financially, and difficult on the whole family. Regular daily household tasks, work and family responsibilities take a backseat to time spent at doctor visits, treatments, managing hospital bills, living expenses and more. “It truly takes a village to help someone get through a diagnosis like this.” says Autumn, “So that’s where our community comes in… YOU.”

    On May 22, 2019, 6– 9 p.m., Autumn, along with #tamisvillage, will be hosting a silent auction fundraiser event at Graffiti & The Funky Blues Shack. There will be live entertainment and a stunning menu to order dinner where a portion of the proceeds have been generously offered by owners, Carmen & Chuck Stiles. Whether you know Tami or have been moved by learning about Tami’s persistence of paying it forward, her family and friends will be so grateful for any support! For more info: Autumnlyfe@cox.net or call Graffiti’s.

    Another way to help: Tami’s twin sisters, Tina & Gina, have started a Go Fund me account (www.gf.me/u/r2t6r7) All funds generated from this account will be used to pay for costs associated with treatment. Tina says, “whether it’s prayer, reaching out, or helping offset costs associated with this diagnosis, we are thankful for any and all of the support we will receive.”

    We at Destin Life want to acknowledge Tami as our Hometown Hero. She has blessed so many by being 1st to consider the feelings of others and always there to lend a helping hand or shoulder in time of need. Her #TamisVillage is rallying around the Scott family lifting them up… practicing the lessons learned from this gracious person, Tami Scott.