Just Sayin



A singularity I float alone, in the water that you’re all reeling

Staying afloat only by my talent to scope a feeling

I can cope with 1,000 blows to break a single ceiling

Glass chandeliers and Champaign sipped in bad taste

We celebrate the death of a mad man on word that was delivered post haste

Portland cement is mixed to make concrete rock and steel

It’s the fourth street past the holly that makes folks feel the need to rob and steal

A crooked view scewed by misused tolerance

They thought they had a handle on the medicine

But it had a side effect list longer than

A will for a Wal-Mart Family death event

If we all shopped at the same stores and saw ourselves as one whole

We’d absolve the salt from these shores and take fault for all we owe

There instead we instill a bound on who is lost and what we found

We manifest our own regress and move away from who is less

Tho if that were found by judgment sound we’d surely let them stick around

We’re all just mammals simple young animals

Walking in a world too large to get a handle on

Wading in the water we share the same boat

If you tip over your neighbor then none of us will float

—Johnny Kristoph

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