5 Life Habits to Improve Your Health, Fight Disease & Get The Body You Want


By Marcia and Drew Robbins

If you find yourself at a point where you NEED TO MAKE SOME CHANGES, here are the top 5 life habits that you need to adopt.

Remove Sugar From Your Life

As we reported in our first article, The Most Dangerous Substance in the Universe, sugar has created a healthcare epidemic in the United State.  When the food industry was encouraged by the FDA to remove fat from foods, they found that processed foods tasted terrible.  Soon they discovered that they could make their products taste better by adding sugar.  The bonus to their bottom line was the addictive effect that sugar has on the human brain.  MRI’s show that when you eat sugar, the Reward Center of the brain fires up.  This is how addiction occurs.  Of the 600,000 items on grocery store shelves 80% (480,000) have added sugar.

Don’t be fooled – there are over 250 names for sugar on American food labels.  If you are buying food in a box, can or package, you are getting added sugar.

Sugar should be treated as a recreational drug – used sparingly, in small doses and rarely.


Increase Your Fiber Intake

We have increasingly become aware of how important our gut biome is to our health.  The human body has 10 trillion cells and 9 trillion are from bacteria in our gut.  This means that our bodies are only 10% human!  So, if 90% of our cells are in the gut, shouldn’t we be tending this garden and maintaining a healthy gut?

Fiber is key to multiple health benefits in the human body. Fiber slows the absorption of sugars and allows the healthy bacteria to feed and grow properly, while assisting in the natural “cell death” of unhealthy cells, thereby blocking mutated cells from growing out of control (cancer).

Our bodies actually require 40-50 grams of fiber each day.  But, did you know that the average American gets only about 10-14 grams of fiber a day?  No wonder so many people are moving around feeling bloated and sluggish and just plain awful!  


Increase Your Hydration

The best form of hydration is good ol’ H2O!  Water is essential to a well-working body.  Dehydration impairs brain function.  Water assists the body in detoxification, prevents and relieves constipation, increases your metabolism through thermogenesis, reduces joint pain and makes your skin look beautiful.

An adult should drink ½ his weight in ounces of water.  Example: 120 pounds X 1/2 = 60.  So this person should drink 60 ounces of water per day.  If you are highly active or trying to lose weight, you can increase the percentage to 80% of your body weight.


Eat Whole Foods

If your grandmother would not recognize something as food, then it is probably not food!  If a food needs a commercial to get you to buy it, then it is not real food.  If the color of a food does not exist in the natural world, then stay away from it.

But, do not avoid healthy fats.  A low fat diet can be dangerous and will seriously affect hormonal balance and negatively impact your body’s natural nutritional requirements.

In our 3 Pillar Program we take our clients on a Shopping Safari in order to teach them how to find the best (and most cost effective) Whole Foods, which can be found throughout the grocery store.


Maintain Your Fitness

Being fit means different things based upon different bodies.  But the commonality, no matter how young, old or out of shape we feel, is that it needs to be moved and tested.

Exercise causes cells to make more proteins for their mitochondria and ribosomes, effectively slowing the aging process at the cellular level.  Exercise actually makes the mitochondria in the liver run faster.  Faster moving mitochondria equals a higher metabolism.  

But remember, they say that “abs are built in the kitchen”.  It may be more accurate to say that “abs are destroyed in the kitchen.”  No matter how much you work out, you can’t get that 6 pack if you fill your body with bad food.  


The Key To Achieving These Changes

Making these changes involves a true lifestyle change – one that can be continued for a lifetime.  This is where “diets” fail miserably.  In our 3 Pillar program, we teach how to make these changes and, more importantly, we HELP people make these changes that can last a lifetime.  

It is a proven fact that we thrive in community.  We all need the support of friends and family in our lives – especially when we are going through something difficult or when we are making big changes in our lives.  That’s why our 3 Pillar program offers a team approach – a family that will help you establish a new lifestyle.

If you find all of this a little overwhelming, or you want to know more, we invite you to attend our first 3 Pillar meeting of our newest team on August 20th at 2 pm.  In just the last 2 years, we have helped over 100 people through this journey.  By attending this free meeting you will learn how you can set yourself on the right path to improved health and weight loss.  You will also have the opportunity to join the newest team on its 4-month journey to renewed health.